Cam's #WODoftheWEEK - "Fran" 12.19.2016

Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95-pound Thruster

Why we picked it for the #WODoftheWEEK 

Everyone post 'Fran' 

Everyone post 'Fran' 

Fran has a special place in all of our hearts....nope. Just kidding. I really hate Fran, but she comes around every six months or so and it's always a swift kick in the nuts. It's also an amazing way to showcase your progress and lung capacity if you've been eating clean and getting plenty of sleep.

For me, being a tall guy, thrusters are the devil. Especially heavy ones. With a 6'4" frame, I have a long way to go for each one of those babies and I JUST finally got in the swing of doing butterfly pull-ups in a metcon. 

I know, slow to the game here, but gymnastics have not been a kind learning curve for me, but I am continuing to make progress where it counts. So, the other day (day five in a row) when I went to the box to see what the WOD was, I heard someone yell, 'FRAN-TASTIC FRIDAY' and I was like...'FUCK' in my head.

Seriously, not my favorite workout, but by then it was too late. 

Fran is meant to be fast, mean and viciously unforgiving. If you stop, you're dead. You lose all motivation. Here's how it went for me. I did my first 21 thruster unbroken, followed by 15 butterfly pull-ups, then a set of 6 to finish off the round of 21. 

From there, I lost my steam...Fran does this to me everytime, I go (mostly) unbroken, then hit a wall. The round of 15, I did 10 thrusters, then 5 thrusters and followed suit by three sets of 5 butterfly pull-ups (not ideal) but whatever. The round of 9 I was hurting...lungs were burning, muscles were screaming and I sadly broke up those thrusters with a set of 4, 3 and 2 with drops in-between. Body endurance hit the wall completely and I broke up the pull-ups into a set of 5 and 4 to finish off the 9. 

All in all, I finished at 4:07 and thought I can do way better. On a day at the box where I wasn't 100% I was still 'happy' with my time, considering it's a combo of two of my worst movements, but post your time in the comments below and use this motivation from Noah Ohlsen as a booster. 

Incredible video and time of 'Fran' down below. Shoot me a question or comment via the button above. Good luck! 

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