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VoyEdge RX is made up of a tight-knit group of friends who are full-time teachers, marketers, fitness trainers, athletes, accountants, and former tour guides. Our mission is to create a kind of company for those who want to get off the beaten path and venture to amazing destinations around the world while staying fit, and living a healthy lifestyle. 

Whether you are an elite athlete, an average joe, or something else entirely, we believe every tour has something to offer you. It is our mission and goal to get you outside your comfort zone and into adventure while meeting new people and exploring some truly incredible places. All in all, this is a customer-centric company built by athletes travelers & adventurers for athletes, travelers & adventurers. And we hope you’ll join us!

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+ Tony Beringer

Tony is the Founder of VoyEdge RX and the lifeblood of why we do what we do. Drawing from his first study abroad experience in Florence, Italy - to traversing the pristine beaches of Thailand, Northern Africa and beyond, Tony exemplifies of what is means to live a life well-traveled.

Having met a plethora of people around the world, Tony is now actively promoting VoyEdge RX as a disruption company to the travel industry. He firmly believes in the power of transient experiences and bringing people deep outside their comfort zone. Because it's there, in the places you'd never expect, that you'll truly begin to find yourself.

Coupled with the idea that pushing yourself to live a healthy lifestyle, Tony is an elite CrossFit athletes, having participated at the Granite Games in his home state of Minnesota and a plethora of other CrossFit competitions. Fitness has become the backbone of Tony's lifestyle and he believes the power of the body and mind go hand in hand with leading a life well lived.

While Tony may not always be customer facing on every engagement with VoyEdge RX, he is always scoping out the best hotels, flights, tour opportunities and activities in every corner of the globe. His relentlessness and honest approach makes him the perfect leader for VoyEdge RX and Tony's inspires nearly all those around him.

Email Tony anytime at


  • Favorite Travel Destination: Prague, CZ
  • Favorite type of WOD: Pull-ups, anything with a barbell, or bodyweight movements
  • Favorite food: Chicken, steak, vegetables.
  • Home Box: CrossFit Southie



+ Cam King

Cam currently resides in Denver, Colorado and is an avid travel & fitness enthusiast. Having been to 39 countries and counting, Cam is always seeking a way to get outside, unplugged and into new adventures that challenge both the mind and the body.

Having started VoyEdge RX with Tony Beringer back in 2016, the goal was always to provide an outlet and community for others bent on living their lives to the fullest. From the intensity and health pursuits, principles and more of CrossFit, to utilizing those skills to explore the world and push personal boundaries, VoyEdge RX literally was born about as the intersection of health, travel, wellness and quite literally - getting outside the box.

While VoyEdge RX has since grown to a burgeoning community that offers a wide array of custom and group tours, Cam is currently focused on the organic growth and marketing of the company from within. From aiding the creation of new tours and destinations to sharing the stories, voice, and thoughts of the VRX community, he is always finding new and inventive ways to empower others to live the VoyEdge RX brand unrelentlessly.

Cam is also a licensed skydive instructor with over 2,000 jumps, jiu-jitsu practitioner, avid CrossFit athlete, Jeep Wrangler driver, German Shepherd dog dad, and lover of the great outdoors.

If you want to learn more about Cam, or get in touch with him, please email him at


  • Favorite Travel Destination: Split, Croatia
  • Favorite type of WOD: A long WOD with a barbell and a pull-up bar
  • Home Box: CrossFit Southie
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+ sasha Preziosa

Sasha is a photographer from NJ, but is a citizen of the world. Since leaving the photo corporate world after 9 years, she decided to focus on what made her the happiest and is now living vicariously through herself.

When it comes to fitness, she discovered CrossFit 5 years ago and started shooting at the box between wods. Since then she's become the resident photographer at her home box, Maxability Sports and CrossFit, in NJ and has been featured on CrossFit numerous times.

Sasha keeps her craft simple; she likes to make photographs, and you like to be in them. When she's not running around with a camera in her hands, you can find her running our social media, making coffee, deep in Netflix marathons, and drinking the coffee she just made. As a natural nomad she loves to travel and experience new places and has no issue with living out of a suitcase.

Combining her loves of photography and travel is a dream made reality and she looks forward to providing an unforgettable visual journal for everyone on the trip.

Email Sasha anytime at:


  • Favorite Travel Destination: Croatia, Argentina
  • Favorite type of WOD: Team & partner WODs, anything with a barbell
  • Favorite food: Pretty much anything I'm not supposed to have, beer
  • Home Box: Maxability Sports and CrossFit



+ Aimee Young

Aimee grew up in Hampden, MA and currently lives in Park City, UT. She has a degree in Health Science and Nutrition from Keene State College. She was a college field hockey player, and now an avid CrossFitter and adventure enthusiast. You can find her in the mountains either skiing or mountain biking, depending on the season!

Aimee has an extensive coaching background across multiple sports. She spent many years coaching CrossFit and club field hockey teams in Western Mass.

To the VRX team she brings a fierce drive to push limits while staying true to yourself along the way. She has a keen perception of people’s wants and needs, and can deliver calmness and clarity, even in the most difficult situations. Her travel experiences are ever growing, and she is thrilled to be exploring amazing places with strangers on the same path as her.

Email Aimee anytime at


  • Favorite Travel Destination: Bolzano, Italy
  • Favorite Type of WOD: Chippers
  • Favorite Food: Steak
  • Home Box: CrossFit Park City
marc site



+ Marc Young

Marc is currently a trip manger and content producer for VoyEdge RX, spending extensive time creating unique itineraries for the VRX community, and developing a variety of content for customers to enjoy.

He currently resides in Park City, UT and works as a Physical Education teacher in nearby Salt Lake City. Marc enjoys spending his early mornings at CrossFit Park City, and his afternoons in the mountains, either on a mountain bike, or a slick pair of skis. Marc is a citizen of both the USA and Colombia and has been to several different international locations, primarily in North America, South America, and Europe.

Above all else, Marc is an upbeat and outgoing guy with a positive outlook on the world around him. When asked how he is doing or how his day is going, you will most often hear the response “I’m living the dream!” You’ll find Marc and all his positive vibes traveling the world and cranking through workouts right alongside you on many VoyEdge RX trips.

You may reach him at for any and all inquiries.


  • Favorite Travel Destination: The next place I haven’t been to yet
  • Favorite Type of WOD: Anything without a barbell
  • Home Box: CrossFit Park City
nolan site.jpg



+ Nolan Thompson

Nolan's passion lies for the blank spaces of the map. Inspired from a young age by the likes of Shackleton and Livingstone, he has always been drawn to the edges of human exploration.

Certified through the South African Board of Tourism, Nolan is a South African Travel Expert and is spearheading our future expeditions across the continent. His love of Africa is a love for a personal liberation which can only be discovered in our return to the wild. Channeling this passion, he is also helping to lead our travels into the jungles and frontiers of both South America and Southeast Asia. He is currently on the hunt to visit all seven of the world's natural wonders and dreams of reaching both the North and South Pole by following the historic routes taken by Percy and Shackleton.

When not in country or writing a new project, Nolan is a Certified Level 1 CrossFit Trainer. Coaching out of Land Warrior CrossFit, Nolan focuses on the empowerment of his athletes to forge a well rounded personal definition of health and wellness. He regularly pushes his athletes to put purpose to their fitness and to LIVE the active lifestyle we all train for everyday in the box. For a purpose near an dear to him, he has a specialty certification in CrossFit SPEAR and teaches a weekly self defense class.

He also loves the power of the written word and hopes to inspire many to discover their own passions for adventure through his creative work with VoyEdge RX.

Email Nolan anytime at


  • Favorite Travel Destination: The Okavango Delta
  • Favorite Type of Workout: Grueling Chippers
  • Favorite Food: Bobotie (oddly my favorite yet is in Eastham, MA
  • Home Box: Land Warrior CrossFit


+ Jack Murphy

In March of 2017, a wary young man sat on the Instagram discover page looking for laughs but instead found adventure. Jack stumbled upon the VoyEdge Rx page and with a like and follow, his outlook on adventure changed forever.

Jack lives on Long Island, NY and works as an elementary school physical education teacher at Longwood School District. He taps into his personal experiences in order to convey meaningful lessons and content to his students. From his shocking entrance into the CrossFit world with a traumatizing first workout of "Jackie", he has grown to love his role in the CrossFit Undertow world and the tremendous impact it has had on his physical and mental health. His annual "Fit Challenge" merges his love of teaching and CrossFit to let students appreciate the value of physical activity through a meaningful cause.

At the end of the day, Jack has found tremendous intrinsic reward from his experiences traveling. At any destination, most likely in a JFK tank top, he will be searching the local and world history of the culture and country to better understand it. VoyEdge Rx has provided him with unforgettable memories and friendships that will last a lifetime and he hopes to share those experiences with others to create new and unique memories.

Email Jack anytime at


  • Favorite Travel Destination: Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Favorite Type of Workout: Running & Bodyweight
  • Home Box: CrossFit Undertow


+ Kevin Walsh

Kevin is travel photographer born and raised on the island of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. After studying abroad in Florence, Italy, he developed a passion for traveling the world and showing people the positive impacts it can have on one’s life! His passion has led him to pursue a full-time career in freelance photography.

From being a travel guide in Europe, to photographing for brands around the world, he thrives off showing people the joys of stepping out of their comfort zone and discovering a place off the beaten path. Admittedly, he’s still a newbie in the CrossFit world, but recognizes how health goes hand and hand with leading a well-traveled life. Whenever Kevin isn’t on an overnight train, or on another trip, he’s usually back home on Cape Cod planning one!


  • Favorite Travel Destination: Italy & Iceland
  • Favorite Type of WOD: Kevin doesn't do CrossFit, and that's just fine
  • Home Beach: Martha's Vineyard
IMG_1074 copy.jpg



Check out all the details of our current career opportunities here and let us know why you'd be the perfect addtion to the VRX team!


  • Creative Writer
  • Sales person(s)
  • Graphic Designer/Art Director
  • Social Media & Content Assistant

All positions above will also take part in crafting, guiding and leading VoyEdge RX tours.








+ Lauren Metcalfe

With an extensive background in gymnastics, CrossFit, and marketing & advertising, Lauren hopes to bring VoyEdge RX into the public arena.

While she trains daily at CrossFit Jaakarhu in Austin, TX, her storied gymnastics career has led her to become an elite level athlete, now being sponsored by Livesore, and also having now competed at The Crush Games, The Granite Games and Wodapalooza several times.

Her ultimate aim is to make it to the CrossFit Games within the next several years, and having never been out of the country before, she wants to lead a life full of adventure, and of course fitness.

When she's not designing our next logo, Lauren can be found residing in New Braunfels, Texas force cuddling with her Husky, 'Roxy' and taking her for a swim or run.


  • Favorite Travel Destination: Iceland
  • Favorite type of WOD: Anything involving handstand walks
  • Favorite food: Protein. All the protein.
  • Home Box: Ballistic CrossFit



+ Meghan Milazzo

Meghan is a lifelong wanderer. Starting with her time studying abroad in Florence, Italy, Meghan has never stopped chasing sunsets in foreign lands. With a heart of gold, and the ability to connect with anyone and everyone, she is constantly seeking outside the box activities and memorable events.

By always having a keen sense of where to go and what to do, Meghan is able to instantly connect with locals and blend in (or stand out) wherever she goes. With a charming smile, tons of previous experience guiding tours for Bus2alps and more countries checked off the list than any other VoyEdge RX staff member, Meghan is bolstering the team’s abilities and activities on a daily basis. Look to her for the best and newest things to do in any location.

While living and working in Boston, MA, Meghan’s current mission in life is to never stop traveling. Although she loves her dog, Sadie, more than anything, she knows there’s a whole world out there, constantly calling her. Beckoning her to the edge.

Feel free to reach out to her with any travel or activities question for any of our itineraries at


  • Favorite Travel Destination: Rome, Italy
  • Favorite type of WOD: Anything cardio related


Check out all the details of our current career opportunities here and let us how you would like to be involved with VoyEdge RX.