Planning a vacation can be the hardest part about taking some hard-earned time off. With a million websites, social media posts, offers, travel companies, reviews and research to sift through, it can quickly become a daunting scenario with far too many options. After a number of personal requests from customers, friends, family and more, VoyEdge RX is proud to offer the ability to produce custom trips for anyone.

VoyEdge RX will curate tailor-made tours for honeymoons, corporate retreats, family vacations, a trip with friends, anniversaries, or just a plain old vacation. Let our team do the heavy lifting while you go on an adventure of a lifetime. We will plan everything from flights, transportation, accommodations, and activities, all centered around what you like.

We will customize your outing based on your interests, and will give you everything you need to have the most memorable vacation of your life. There’s no hassle for you whatsoever. Start by filling out the form below, tell us a bit about yourself, and let’s get started planning your next trip.

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The process

The most common form of custom tour requests are from our own group tours. Since we only run one of each group tour per year, some customers may find themselves not being able to travel on those concrete dates, which is where these custom tours come in.

If you wish to adapt, modify, or combine any one of our group tours into a custom tailor-made itinerary for your group, please contact us!

This is commonly our most sought-after request, and again, VoyEdge RX would be happy to take care of everything from the flights, hotels, transportation, and activities for you in one epic PDF which we will work closely with you on that includes workouts, alternate activities, emergency phone numbers, contact information, and so much more.

If you wish to do something completely custom, please fill out the above trip form so we can curate the best vacation you have ever had. We work with you on budget, preferred airlines, preferred accommodations, etc. Simply put, we remove all of the hassle of having to research, plan, and book on your own.

Once you have your itinerary set and ready to go, purchase the ‘Custom Tour Trip Deposit’ of $300 at the top of this page and we will begin booking your trip of a lifetime. Or email us: staff@voyedgerx.com

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After you have been in contact with VoyEdge RX about your custom tour and agreed on your upcoming itinerary, please place your non-refundable deposit (one for each person going on the tour).
The $300 deposit goes towards the price of your tour and is used as an agreement between you and VoyEdge RX so our team may begin booking your flights, hotels and activities.

Any questions? Email us at: staff@voyedgerx.com

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