#WODoftheWEEK - "Dirty & Clean' - 24 minute AMRAP

You ever get rope burn? Yeah, it totally sucks. It hurts, it stings, you can't shower - and that shit heals real slow. 

Which brings us to our next #WODoftheWEEK coming from our very own Ashley Studer, who's a coach at CrossFit The Port, in Portsmouth, NH. 

This week, we're hitting a 24 minute AMRAP with two movements. The Clean & Jerk, and the rope climb. Those two movements are essentially whole body movements. The clean and jerk coming from the ground and having to go overhead ten times per round. 

The rope climbs on the other hand, are only two. One you're allowed to use your legs, the other one has to be legless (for RX scoring). And of course, since CrossFit is infitinitely scaleable, you can do things like pull yourself with the rope (from the ground) or perform another scaling maneuver, in which Marc & Aimee detail rope climbing techniques below.  


24 min AMRAP: 

  • 400m run 

  • 10 clean and jerks (185/125)

  • 2 rope climbs (1 legless, 1 with legs)

Anyways, since I'm posting this for Ash, she mentioned she just got over 4 rounds of this and it was a BURNER! Clean & Jerks aside (those are going to take a toll on you) the rope climbs, especially legless will be taxing. This is the kind of WOD you're going to want to pace, for sure. 

Either way, pick a scale, pick a pace and get moving with it. AMRAP's aren't meant for you to do a million reps. They're meant for you to pick a pace and keep it, or pick it up, throughout the whole thing. 

Here's a demo of the clean & jerk from CrossFit.com. Don't forget to post your scores on our Instagram @voyedgeRX