What To Pack For Iceland

Do you really need two suitcases and a different outfit for every single day? Probz not. 

Just grab those WOD shorts, a pair of jeans, rain jacket, a few warm layers and get ready to go!

what to pack for iceland voyedge rx

The land of fire, ice and northern lights is all about layers, layers and more layers. Leave the Canada Goose Jacket at home. Let's hop to what we really need for both males and females when it comes to traveling to Iceland.  The fourth happiest country in the whole wide world. 


Iceland just landed as the 11th most tourist-friendly country in the world and for good reason. There's so much to see here, from waterfalls, black sand beaches, continental divides and just about every adventurous activity you could ever want to do. 

Wait, so you're telling me Game of Thrones  takes place in Iceland?

Wait, so you're telling me Game of Thrones takes place in Iceland?

Much of the popularity stemming from Iceland over the past couple years has been largely due to the success of many Icelandic athletes (especially the females) whose sheer dominance has been documented through the CrossFit Games and more. On top of that, blockbuster television shows like 'Game of Thrones' have largely filmed in Iceland, giving it an awe-inspiring look and feel throughout the show and even spinning off multiple tour companies to showcase the film locations of the show. 

And of course social media has played a huge role in just how awesome Iceland is. Thanks to world-renowned Instagrammer's, athletes and just about everyone that goes there, Iceland is quickly rising to the top of people's bucket lists, and that's exactly why we've placed it as our very first premiere trip as a company. 

Before we get to the packing list for Iceland, I'd just like to give an honest shout out and thank you to the 20 people who are traveling with us in July 2017 on our very first Iceland trip. I couldn't be more proud of our team and hope we can provide a life-changing experience for our customers next month. It's going to be an epic trip and check back to our blog for an update on different activities you can choose from. 

Now, what should YOU pack? 

Horses in Iceland look like  this. 

Horses in Iceland look like this. 

Another fun fact for ya, Iceland has more horses than people...kinda wild, right? A lot of them are still just roaming around the countryside, as free and as wild as could be. Imagine that today in America....wild, right?

Iceland also has ZERO mosquitoes, which is quite remarkable as well. Add in the fact in the summers, the sun practically never sets because they are so far north, you're going to be experiencing quite the trip...

Plus, the ecosystem here...there are volcanoes, continental divides, waterfalls, hot spas, thermal geysers and more, leaving you endless possibilities and tons of nature to explore while you're here. But, in a place where there are more than 200 volcanoes and endless activities, what should you bring? You can always refer to the Guide to Iceland's Packing List too. 

WHAT TO PACK - for guys

  • 2 x tank tops.
  • 3 x t-shirts.
  • 2 x henley shirts / thermals.
  • 1 x fleece.
  • 1 x shell jacket.
  • 1 x Wool Knit Cap.
  • 1 x Light Winter Jacket.
  • 1 x thick hiking socks.


  • 4 x tank tops.
  • 5 x t-shirts.
  • 2 x henley shirts / thermals.
  • 2 x going out/nightlife wear
  • 2 x jeans/pants
  • 1 x fleece.
  • 1 x shell jacket.
  • 1 x Wool Knit Cap.
  • 1x scarf or head wrap 
  • 1 x Light Winter Jacket.
  • 1 x hiking books
  • 1 x going out shoes/heels 
  • 2 x thick hiking socks.
  • 1 x mittens / gloves! 
  • Layers!!!


The whole island is air conditioned! 

The whole island is air conditioned! 

An advertisement said “the whole island is air conditioned!” Iceland's cool, oceanic climate is quite mild for its latitude of 63-66° North, thanks to the warm Gulf Stream. The summers are short but bright and the best time to visit is late May to early September – that is, if you’re planning a summer holiday. The average daytime temperature around the coast during May to September is 10-12°C (50-55°F). A warm summer day would have temperatures around 20°C. Average daily sunshine in July and August is 5-6 hours and during the summer months the nights are bright. On clear days you have 24 hours of daylight and even the midnight sun near the Arctic Circle. However, the weather is extremely changeable and unpredictable so you should always be prepared for the unexpected.

For more info on Iceland's weather, read here. Or, for a demo on just how unpredictable Iceland's weather can be, watch the video down below. 


Keep in mind, if you're going on our Iceland trip, you're going for just over a week, so there's no need to pack like you're going to the North Pole. Bring one suitcase and one day trip bag. A small backpack with a change of clothes, or something enough to carry some souvenirs and snacks. Nothing more, nothing less. 

VoyEdge RX's first tour kicks off from July 16th-22nd, 2017

VoyEdge RX's first tour kicks off from July 16th-22nd, 2017

Don't bring a massive (over 50 lbs suitcase either). Just a few changes of clothes, 1-2 nice going 'out' clothes, your WOD gear, VoyEdge RX shirt, a pair of hiking boots, casual shoes and your CrossFit sneaks (no lifters really needed). There will be opportunities to wash your clothes too, so your WOD gear should be kept at a minimum. I would however recommend bringing a plastic bag to put your dirty clothes in for the ride home. Plus, your WOD gear can double up as your swimming gear (for guys at least), so that should help quite a bit. 

Honestly, don't overthink it. Pack and go. What you don't have, Iceland surely has. Waterproof jacket is a must, hiking boots are a safe bet, everything else you'll be able to obtain in this quiet, reclusive and mind-blowingly beautiful landscape that is Iceland. Just one last question, you ready yet? 

Email with questions, comments and, concerns at: cam@voyedgeRX.com