What CrossFit is (and means) for Coach Larry


The best thing about CrossFit? You don't need to be an elite athlete, you don't have to have any sort of special skills, there is no age limit, mobility requirements or previous experience. CrossFit is a journey - and for each of us, it begins with a single step. 

Most people come into the sport not knowing how to do a variety of the movements, but for all of us, we improve. Not overnight (at first) but through a steady regimen of putting ourselves in a positions to learn. And learn we do, by focusing on what makes us better, and also what we need to work on, everyone from all backgrounds can succeed in their fitness endeavors. 

For Larry Thomas, a Level 2 CF Coach at Commonwealth CrossFit and Reebok CrossFit One, his passion lays in helping others achieve their fitness goals. He not only writes all the programming at CWCF, but he also practices it. 

Watch the video below on what CrossFit is to Coach Larry and how he's using his background to help inspire (and tire) others from all backgrounds and skill levels. 

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