8 DAYS, 7 NIGHTS in puerto viejo, costa rica

The frequent check-ins leading up to the trip, itinerary updates and reminders of what we needed for the trip were just some examples of the attention to detail this company delivered. I was going into this experience completely blindfolded, with NO research on the company or on Costa Rica, and I have to say, it COMPLETELY blew my expectations out of the water. To date, this trip is one of the best vacation I have ever been on.
— Picca McDonough // VoyEdge RX Testimonial 2017
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FEBRUARY 16TH-23RD, 2019



FEBRUARY 16TH-23RD, 2019


Flights are NOT included





2019 = 23 spots left

First five people = $1,349 -  3 LEFT

Second five people = $1,449 -  10 LEFT

Final ten people = $1,549 -  10 LEFT


  • All transportation and accommodation on the trip
  • Pick up and drop off at San Jose (SJO) airport 
  • Two group dinners and breakfast and lunch everyday on the trip
  • Cahuita National Park excursion with transportation included
  • Beach day with paddleboards, kayaks and 2 hour surf lessons
  • Sloth and Jaguar sanctuary excursion
  • Daily yoga
  • 6 nights at the world famous Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge
  • Puerto Viejo Bar crawl on Tuesday night!
  • Early morning Beach WOD's 
  • Plenty of free time 


  • Flight to and from San Jose, Costa Rica airport 
  • Some dinners (Two are included)
  • Any optional activities not included on the days above (Tours, museums etc.) all of which can be booked right from the hotel desk such as: zip-lining, car rental, additional jungle treks, boat tours, volcano treks etc.

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COSTA RICA - February 16th-23rd, 2019
from 300.00
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Deposits for every VoyEdge RX tour are $300. Place yours (or pay in full) to secure your spot. From there, we will send you a customized invoice to pay off the balance. All balances are due 60 days before the tour kicks off! 

Questions? Email us at: staff@voyedgeRX.com

day by day ITINERARY

DAY 1 - FEBRUARY 10TH, 2018



Welcome to Costa Rica! With over 750,000 species of bugs, 801 miles of coastline, over 52 different hummingbirds, and 121 active volcanoes, Costa Rica is truly a paradise. Today, you'll land in San Jose (the middle of the country) and will promptly be met by one of our guides and team at the airport. From there, we'll group together for an early afternoon departure from San Jose (usually 2 pm) and we will head to Puerto Viejo and our accommodations at Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge, just before sunset. You'll be greeted with a welcome dinner at sunset, optional yoga session and plenty of time to relax! 

what's included

  • Pick up at the airport
  • Transportation to Puerto Viejo + Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge
  • Group dinner
  • Optional Yoga Session

what to expect

San Jose, Costa Rica is arguably the least attractive of all the magical places in this country. As you arrive, focus on meeting up with the group leaders (who will have your contact and arrival information) and grab a snack and some water before heading to the shuttle that will drive you out to Puerto Viejo. The trip is about 3 hours (with stops) so focus on getting to know your fellow travelers and prepare to be blown away when you arrive on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica! A group dinner will be preceded by check-in, as well as an optional yoga session to decompress and relax! 

DAY 2 - FEBRUARY 11TH, 2018


day 2 rundown

Today, you will get an inside look at some of the diverse wildlife and jungles of Puerto Viejo. With an included breakfast and lunch, you will have the option of hitting either an AM or PM yoga session at Cashew Hill before departing to your half-day hike through the jungle. Be sure to pack some water and get ready to observe some monkeys, sloths and more in their natural habitat! Your trek will be guided from a local, and will bring you through tons of swimming holes and waterfalls, where you can eat lunch and swim. Afterwards, you will head back to Cashew Hill for an optional beach workout, and free time to explore! 


  • Breakfast and lunch! 
  • Transportation to the jungle & guided wildlife trek
  • Lunch on the beach and free time to swim!
  • Transportation back to Cashew Hill
  • AM or PM yoga session
  • Optional beach workout with the crew
  • Free time to explore

what to expect

 You're going to want to bring plenty of water (it can get hot in there!) as well as sunscreen, potentially closed toed shoes, and of course swim wear! Your daily optional yoga sessions can be taken in the morning, or late afternoon, and breakfast and lunch are included everyday, so just be sure to plan accordingly for the jungle trek and bring your camera!

DAY 3 - FEBRUARY 12TH, 2018


day 3  rundown

Day three kicks off with an epic jungle trek to Cahuita National Park, just outside of Puerto Viejo. On this guided excursion, you will see monkeys (howler, white-faced, and more) as well as sloths, anteaters, turtles, birds, and plenty of other critters. You will also encounter a plethora of plant life here such as, ferns, bromeliads, huge jungle trees, and the largest living coral reef in Costa Rica. This guided and amazing 3/4 of a day hike will introduce you to the serene environments of Costa Rica. Take some time to get unplugged, get in touch with nature, and relax at the serendipitous beaches of Playa Nega, Playa Banca, and Puerto Vargas (all untouched beaches) before heading back to Cashew Hill and Puerto Viejo! Be sure to bring your swimsuit and tons of water! 

what's included

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • AM or PM yoga session
  • Guided Jungle Trek to Cahuita National Park
  • Three untouched beaches
  • Wildlife spotting in the Jungle
  • Transportation to and from Cashew Hill
  • Optional Beach WOD

what to expect

By now, you will be easing into the comfort and vibe of the week. Take a chance to relax with an included breakfast and lunch, and really take the time to unplug and explore all of Cahuita National Park on your guided trek. It will be led be an expert, and a local, but nothing should be feared. You will see plenty of wildlife, and have ample time to enjoy yourself on some of Costa Rica's most untouched beaches. Relax, unwind, explore, and soak in the suns  warm rays! 

DAY 4 - FEBRUARY 13TH, 2018


day 4 rundown

Today, you will visit a sloth & jaguar sanctuary on the outskirts of Puerto Viejo after an optional morning yoga session and included breakfast. Departure will be around 9 AM, and both tickets to the sanctuaries are included in the price of the whole trip! After the tours, you will head back to Cashew Hill for an included lunch, optional beach workout, and your daily yoga session! We will regroup this evening, as Tuesday Nights are a big thing in Puerto Viejo and we will hit the town for the legendary, 'Taco Tuesday.' 

what's included

  • Breakfast at Cashew Hill
  • AM or PM Yoga Session
  • Tickets & Transportation to Sloth and Jaguar Sanctuaries
  • Optional beach workout with the guides
  • Night out on the town in Puerto Viejo! Tuesdays are a big thing down here!

what to expect

And we HIGHLY recommend visiting both of these amazing places, as part of what makes Costa Rica so incredible is the diverse wildlife that live here. Teeming with animals, some wildlife become hurt, and are rescued, and that is why both of these sanctuaries exist. Prepare for a packed morning filled with knowledge and insight into these diverse ecosystems and learn about their habits, and have fun going out tonight in Puerto Viejo! Be safe and buddy up! 

DAY 5 - FEBRUARY 14TH, 2018


day 5 rundown

Everyone needs a few good beach days in their lives right? Especially after a late night out on the town.....and well, today's the day. Wake up with some sunrise yoga/beach WOD in the morning and enjoy an included breakfast and lunch at Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge, just minutes away from the pristine beaches of Puerto Viejo.

We'll pick a unique, private spot on the beach and will provide sea kayak's, snorkels, paddle boards, surfboards, and more for an all out day at the beach. You can also explore other parts of Puerto Viejo or take part in some optional activities in and around Puerto Viejo. You can also cash in your free two hour surf lessons today while you're spending the time on pristine beaches!

what's included

  • Breakfast
  • AM or PM yoga session
  • Lunch (Beach BBQ) 
  • Surf lessons
  • Kayak, paddle board, snorkel, canoes, surfboards and more
  • Free 2-hour surf lessons from Cashew Hill guides
  • Group dinner on VoyEdge RX 
  • Optional beach workout with the guides

what to expect

Today is a super relaxed day. Feel free to use your yoga session at any point today to relax, unwind, and get back in the swing of things before heading down to the beach with the rest of the crew to swim, snorkel, surf, kayak and paddle board. There is also an included beach BBQ, breakfast, and dinner today, so take advantage of that, as well as a free 2-hour surf lesson from the Cashew Hill guides! Have fun, and get out of your comfort zone! 

DAY 6 - FEBRUARY 15TH, 2018



After these jam packed and exciting first few days you will now be able to explore Costa Rica on your own! We hope you did some research about things that may interest you in Costa Rica because today is your day to make them happen! If you want to see some of the things you can do, see here. Zip-lining is always a popular activity, but you may also rent a car, visit the border of Panama, or even do a boat tour from Puerto Viejo. Here is another list of optional activities you may check out as well. 

Don't be afraid to head to Panama, just to say you have been there, or maybe you want to keep working on that February tan just because you can! If you are unsure of what to do, don't be afraid to ask our guides or maybe some locals and soak in  their wisdom of the area. Of course, breakfast, lunch, a daily yoga session, and optional beach workout are all on tap today as well. Check-in with the guides and see what their plan is for today! 

what's included

  • Breakfast
  • AM or PM yoga session
  • Beach workout (talk to the guides) 
  • Free day, choose your own activity
  • Lunch at Cashew Hill (If you are around) 

what to expect

As with every group tour out there, at some point you will want to branch out and do your own thing! We have reserved Day 6 for just that, so anything you may have wanted to do on your own, feel free to seek, explore and discover today. Feel free to sign-up for anything from Cashew Hill's front desk, or even find another tour operator outside of Puerto Viejo to go on an adventure with. Either way, plan ahead, and go forth to conquer! The Panama border isn't that far away, either.....it is all up to you! Talk to the guides to plan out your included breakfast, lunch (at Cashew Hill), optional beach workout, and included daily yoga session. 

DAY 7 - FEBRUARY 16TH, 2018


day 7 rundown

Some of Latin America's best whitewater rafting is in Costa Rica, and you will experience it first-hand on your way to Puerto Viejo.

Whether you've gone rafting or not, you will be in great hands as you hike through the mountain jungles, explore swimming holes, and make your way through the rivers and white water. We will depart Cashew Hill at 8 am after having breakfast and participating in some sunrise yoga to go rafting. It's the perfect way to spend your last day on the way back to San Jose for your flight tomorrow.

Lunch is included, as well as safe spots for all your luggage and belongings. After a whole day on the river, you will make your way back to the hotel in San Jose and get a good nights sleep, as you prepare for departure tomorrow on Day 8 of the tour!


  • Breakfast at Cashew Hill
  • Optional AM yoga session
  • Departure & farewell from Cashew Hill
  • Transportation to Pacuáre River
  • Whitewater Rafting Gear
  • BBQ Lunch Stop on Pacuáre River
  • Luggage Keep
  • Transportation back to San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Accommodations near the airport in San Jose

what to expect

Day 7 leaves with an early morning departure from Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge to go whitewater rafting on the Pacuáre River. Some of Latin America's BEST rafting is found on this river, and you'll enjoy an included breakfast, lunch, and more through today. Soak in the warm waters, have fun, smile, and enjoy RT transportation from Cashew Hill, all the way back to San Jose, as you prepare for your departure tomorrow on Day 8! Soak in some memories, and live up the good times through today, tonight, and into tomorrow. 

DAY 8 - FEBRUARY 17TH, 2018


day 8 rundown

Day 8 will be an early day, as you will depart from the hotel in the morning to the airport, just a few minutes away. Please book your flight for the morning (any time from 7 or 8 am through noon). Since you will already be in San Jose, the hotel will arrange transportation to the airport at the appropriate time.

Make sure you have all your belongings and your passport! You will need to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before any international flights back to the US. Thank you for joining us on our Costa Rica trip, and we can't wait to show you the photos and videos from the tour! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the evidence!

what's included

  • Breakfast at hotel near airport
  • Transportation to the airport
  • A BIG hug goodbye 
  • Plenty of photographic evidence and videos to be put up on our FB, Instagram & Twitter pages

what to expect

You may book your flight for whatever time you feel is appropriate. Usually, the early morning or midday is best, but there have been customers in the past who have flow out at 2:55 AM, or even the night before. Some have even opted to STAY in Puerto Viejo, or venture out to a different part of the country after the tour as well. Either way, be flexible and become your own adventurer by deciding what is best for you. We are more than



COSTA RICA - February 16th-23rd, 2019
from 300.00
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