Top 5 Places To Travel in 2017

Every adventurer knows the age old question of,

"Where TO, next?" 

It's a common problem. With the internet publishing more content than ever before, you've got the world at your fingertips and can see reviews, insights, photos and video content all in the span of a 1-2 second search. With that said, the ability to search anything and everything leads us to a wide array of frustrations...gridlock some would call it. The inability to make a decision can really suck sometimes. 

But, seriously...where should you go next? I've just finished reading a good number of articles, and want to share some of my own insight as to five places that seem to be really heating up on a global scale in terms of tourism. So, without further a due, let's dive in and find out what makes some of these places so special. 

1. Iceland

Iceland has been awesome for a long time, yet why is everyone just flocking to it now? Well, if you're in the CrossFit space, you know some of the world's most elite athletes are coming from Iceland. Must be something in the water, right? 

Seriously though, the land of fire, ice and northern lights is encapsulating travelers from all over the world to visit their unique ecosystem. From traversing volcanoes, to hiking glaciers, scuba diving between the continental divide and going for ATV rides on untouched blacksand beaches, there has never been a better time to go to Iceland. 

Not to mention, the CrossFit boxes there are insane! And if you're going in the summer, their 22 hour days of sunlight and bars open till 4 AM will leave you with plenty to do and see during your time there.

See our Iceland trip page for dates when we're going next. 

2. Costa Rica

Did you know Costa Rica is the most visited country in Latin America?'s basically an entire country based around eco-tourism and sustainable living. Add in the luscious jungles, tropical rainforests, volcanoes and incredible surfing on both sides of the country and you've basically got paradise beneath your own two feet. 

That being said, flying into the country can leave you with a culture shock. While Costa Rica's tourism market is growing, the capital of San Jose is nowhere near as magical as the rest of the country. So, if you are up for adventure travel, easy living, incredible sunsets and pristine untouched beaches, head for the coast. 

The natural landscape on the Caribbean and Pacific sides are worth the long, arduous drives. And if you're going, your best bet is to pick a side and stick with it. You simply can't see ALL of Costa Rica in one trip, so you might as well pick a coast and do as much as you can on that side. 

There is ALWAYS a reason to go back to Costa Rica. Volcanoes, waterfalls, rainforest, incredible wildlife, natural fresh food. And oh, the beaches are pretty nice too. 

See when we're headed to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica (Puerto Viejo) next. 

3. Scotland

I've been hearing a TON about Scotland this year - and I hope 2017 is the year I can finally make it up to this gothic countryside. Besides the fact Braveheart is one of my all time favorite movies, Scotland is definitely heating up on the tourist list of places to go and see. Now, let's talk about why. 

The view of Edinburgh, Scotland from Edinburgh Castle.

The view of Edinburgh, Scotland from Edinburgh Castle.

Scotland's incredible countryside has long been mentioned. There's nothing, "New" there. In fact, everything is quite old. Literally 1,000+ years and while the dilapidated castles make for amazing excursions and tours, it's actually the capital of Edinburgh that's becoming more and more well-known. With Edinburgh University becoming a hot spot for study-abroaders, Scotland's bars are filled with incredible types of whisky, quaint atmospheres and charming street pubs and restaurants. And while the old-school atmosphere hasn't faded, technology and innovation are slowly creeping their way into the capital city, making it a more connected and publicized centerpiece in the growing international economy.

But besides that, Scotland's historic castles, lore and tales of old are what's keeping travelers coming back for more. Did we mention the hiking is awesome too? Gahhh...can't wait to get here. 

4. Croatia

Croatia has a long, fabled past...between gritty civil wars, a dark, communist past and some horrible examples of xenophobia in the late 80's and 90's, Croatia is now emerging as one of the top destinations in Europe. 

And while most Americans can't even point to it on a map, it's iconic locations like Dubrovnik, Trogir and Split that are attracting the most attention for travelers. Now, why is that? Well, the white sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters, incredible fresh seafood and affordability of a place like Croatia are what's keeping this former Roman and Venetian Empire state afloat. 

Did we mention the nightlife here is insane? With beach clubs in most cities staying open till 4 or 5 am, the adventure options in Croatia are seemingly endless. You can spend weeks sailing around the Adriatic Coast, dropping into untouched islands where most denizens have never met an American, or you can traverse the Roman Empires ruins from thousands of years ago. 

Read more on things to do in Croatia on 

Either way, these cobblestone streets, incredible gateways and ruin architecture will leave you breathless with the amount of things you can do. Did you know Dubrovnik was also portrayed as, 'King's Landing' in Game of Thrones? wonder why Croatia is heating up. 

For more on Croatia, read Lonely Planet's guide here. 

5. Alaska

You might be saying, "Wait, what?" when you read Alaska, but hear me out. Alaska is being touted as one of the last, 'Great escapes on the earth.' Why you ask? Well, due to "climate change" Alaska's ecosystem is rapidly changing. And with it's latitude and longitude being just as high as Iceland, they both have equally interesting climates. 

President Obama visited Alaska in 2015 with great fervor. Seeing some icy coasts, as well as charming mountains, lakeside views and other pristine landscapes. And with much of Alaska being completely untouched, the time has never been better to get off the beaten track and see nature as it's currently preserved way up North. 

Besides Anchorage being quite the interesting mix of food and drink, you can go kayaking, zip-lining, brewery touring, whale-watching, wolf-gazing and so SO much more. Hell, you can even skydive in that's pretty wild. 

Combine how awesome Alaska is, with the sheer natural beauty of nature untouched and you've got yourself a lifetimes worth of humbleness. There's nothing quite as humbling as going somewhere else and seeing just how massively powerful nature is. And if you like that kind of thing, I highly suggest going to Alaska sooner rather than later. 

Summer is obviously the ideal time to go (it gets below -50 F in Winter) and plus, the summers have endless amounts of sun. About 22 hours to be exact. Do you know how much sightseeing you can get done in 22 hours of sunlight?! 

If you have a place you think should be on this list, comment down below! Or, shoot me an email. OR become a featured blogger and send us a whole new blog post with places you think people should to in 2017. 

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