What did you think of 17.2?

Good, bad or indifferent, 17.2 will be long talked about after the 2017 CrossFit Open and here's why: It was kind of an oddball workout. Leaving the dumbbell aspect out of this blog post for a second, what were your thoughts? 

Watch the CrossFit Open Announcement of 17.2....skip to 25:27 for the demo. 

My take is this: I don't think that specific WOD would ever EVER be programmed at a CrossFit gym in the entire world. Yes, those movements are all parts of various daily WOD's, but together, that WOD was pretty stupid in my opinion. (It's probably relevant info that I only got one bar muscleup included in my score) but that's besides the point, right?


Whether or not you could do bar muscleups, it was one of those WOD's where you either kept going, or hit a wall you couldn't get over for 6-8 minutes. In my case, I now have severely ripped hands and only scored one muscleup on 17.2 with about 25 attempts over those 8 minutes. Can you tell yet I'm a bit bitter? Either way, I'm 6'4" and still clearly working on my bar muscleups, I will get them down. 

Now, the converse of it....Tons of people all across the world got their first bar muscleups, and that is an amazing milestone in anyones CrossFit career. Could that have been Dave Castro's goal all along? To get athletes more focused on gymnastic movements instead of just lifting? Maybe.

But in terms of the CrossFit Open, exactly how many people were competitive in this WOD? My guess is, probably not that many. Hope you got a sick tiebreaker score. A lot of rumblings with fellow athletes is they thought they'd see muscleups later in the open, and were sick of the attempted integration with dumbbells. That being said, after people did this WOD at my box, people didn't feel burnt out at all and continued lifting for the next 45 minutes. It wasn't quite the burner 17.1 was and clearly was a 'Do or do not' type of WOD, but definitely not the lung-burner we all thought we'd get in week two of the CrossFit Open. 


The bar muscleup movement is entirely technique-based. Whether or not you have pull-ups, toes-to-bar, or even kipping pull-ups, the bar mup (short for muscleup) is a damn challenging movement to master. 

I probably watched 7 or 8 different videos on how to do the bar muscleup (maybe too many in hindsight) but I'm definitely going to pin this on my 'to-do' list as a movement to master. It almost seems like double-unders, where once you have it, you have itya know?

Anyway, take a peek at Dusty Highland's how to on the bar muscle-up and use it for practice down the road. 

Either way, post your score for 17.2 down in the comment section and let us know your thoughts on this WOD. Personally, I sucked and got stuck at 80 reps. And, that's ok. It gives me a clear picture of what I need to work on (gymnastics) and I'll do my best to look forward to the release of 17.3 this Thursday evening. 

Shoot me an email if you want to discuss further and we can chat soon! Hope to see you on a future excursion. FYI, we've got a very special Paris, Normandy, Caen, Bayeux, Mont St. Michele, Granville, French hiking trip in the works....we'll send out the release soon. 

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