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4 Takeaways from my U.S. National Parks Trip with Voyedge Rx

VRX Alumni, Rebecca Kaliff shares four things you need to know from her takeaway with VoyEdge RX on our 2018 U.S. National Parks trip.

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My Hike Up Angel's Landing

Ever hear of Angel's Landing in Zion National Park? I bet you have! We just recently hiked up it for our upcoming National Parks tour this summer. You ready for this? 

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A Dream Itinerary for an Adventurous Heart

Why does the world call us? Where should we go next? Here's an inside scoop on how certain places in the world call to me, and why I've made it my mission to explore each and every one of them. Join me, our team and other likeminded individuals on escapes outside each one of our comfort zones. 

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