A Dream Itinerary for an Adventurous Heart

"If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?"

We ask, and are asked, this question all of the time in daily life; at work during a team building activity, on a first date, with our friends, and to ourselves when we are planning our next vacations. For as long as I have considered this question, I have always had the same three answers: New Zealand, Italy, and Zion National Park. I was fortunate enough to knock Italy off of my list earlier this year, and my luck has continued that next August, I get to turn my dream itinerary into an actual trip with a group of adventure-seeking strangers, like you. And the best part? I wouldn't want it any other way.


Why Zion National Park you ask?

My simple answer is, that for me, it is one of those places that I have to see and experience to believe. No picture, no story, no geographical or historical explanation of the park will do it enough justice than me being there in all of its beauty myself. The western United States are unfamiliar to me, but intriguing in that they offer so much to be seen, adventured, traveled, hiked, swam, and experienced. I imagine all of the differences between Utah and Arizona and my very familiar New Hampshire scenery. While beautiful in its own right, I want to experience the unknown, the unfamiliar, the uncomfortable. I want to see the dry and vast landscapes, the canyons and open skies, the colors and the hidden treasures.

Each of us should experience places that leave us in utter disbelief. 

Each of us should experience places that leave us in utter disbelief. 

It just so happens that Zion National Park is very close to some other incredible wonders of the West.

Have you ever heard of the saying, "it's just icing on the cake?" Well, the other places on this trip are like golden icing, on top of the most delicious cake you've ever eaten, with your favorite candy bar covering the top and all the cherries of the world. Basically, the most beautifully decorated piece of edible art you've ever witnessed. Not only are we going to see the Grand Canyon, Bryce, and Red Rock State Park, but we are going to be doing some incredible activities while we are there.

Bryce Canyon is going to be UNREAL once we get there. 

Bryce Canyon is going to be UNREAL once we get there. 

Although I am stoked about the numerous hike options that will be available to us along the way, (as hiking is one of my favorite things to do) I'd have to say I am most excited about HOW we will be experiencing some of these parks. I would be happy enough just to be there and see them, but bike through the Grand Canyon and see Zion on horseback?

Are you serious!? How awesome is that!? Talk about throwing yourself out of your comfort zone!

What also makes this trip, and all of our VoyEdgeRX trips so exciting for me is that they balance the unfamiliar, with the familiar. Many of us are taking these trips because we make health and fitness a big part of our lives.

Rattlesnake Canyon, anybody?

Rattlesnake Canyon, anybody?

Whether it is through Crossfit, yoga, running, outdoor adventure, or whatever it may be, we are physical beings. Along the way on all of these trips, we get to take a few moments to experience some of what we already know, a break from the excitement surrounding us. Dropping in at different gyms is always so much fun to me, because it always feels like a home away from home.

So! What are you most excited about? I look forward to seeing you under the stars, friends! Or perhaps for an early sunrise :) Either way, see you in August of 2018!!

Find out more about our U.S. National Parks Tour HERE, or by clicking the content block down below. And as always, shoot me an email at: ashley@voyedgerx.com for any questions, comments, and concerns.