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Why Exposure To Culture Is Important

I didn't grow up with much exposure to other cultures, so imagine my reality check when I traveled to South America for a traditional Latino wedding! Enjoy my story about my first time immersing myself into another culture! By: Aimee Young

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Challenging your own limits. Big or small, is no easy feat.

Getting outside your comfort zone is tough...especially while on a honeymoon. Here's a quick recap of my first ever scuba diving excursion and what it took for me (and my newlywed husband) to dive in headfirst into Aimee Young

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On Nutrition, Traveling Abroad, and Finding Clarity

Traveling abroad can be a difficult decision to make for anyone. But when faced with a plethora of wine, cheese, pasta, bread and gelato, how is a determined, focused athlete supposed to stay on track? Well, it's ok to take a left turn sometimes and take a break. After all, we deserve it sometimes don't we?

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