How to Pack for Airline Travel – Take Only What You Need

If you have friends heading out on an adventure, the last thing you want to do is have to worry about them….

Now, you don’t have to. You can use the service Flightradar24 to follow up on the situation of the plane in real time. It is a very popular site but, it only exists in German….all newcomers can see Flightradar24 in German here.

That’s not the only thing friends and family members have to worry about either. The personal searches, the loss of their luggage, and the all too often, ‘I forgot my passport’ at home. As it is, the team from Flightradar24 has written down some useful tips for rookie travelers out there.

Useful Tips for Rookies in Packing

Do you know who has the best tips for flying? Most often, it is military members, pilots, soldiers, and sailors. So, if you know any - ask them for help. The reason why? They only pack what is absolutely necessary. Let’s take a page from their book, shall we?

  • The keystone is the repeated training. Yes, you should practice – to pack and repack a suitcase several times before the flight. Your qualifications will be growing, and you’ll remember for sure where everything is. Measure twice, cut once.

  • Pack your stuff in reverse order. Put the things “just in case” on the bottom of the suitcase. Pack the things that are required first at the last resort – they should be on top.

  • Locate weights rationally without any distortions. The heaviest thing should be in the center of the suitcase. If you wear the backpack, the heaviest things are to adhere to the spine to escape a backache.  

  • Pack the underwear and the light clothes in piles of equal size. The outer clothing should be rolled and tied it with wires. You can also roll the T-shirts. It is very convenient to fill the empty spaces with socks.

  • Make the additional bags, only if needed. For example, one bag is for electronics and wires, another one is for cosmetics and toiletries. Do you have the purse or the compact backpack for everyday use? Put the most important things there and place it on top.

Be merciless towards the stuff “in case” and leave the ballast at home. Besides, you should choose the right suitcase – reliable, compact, and functional. Your bag is to be able to save weight, space, and your time.

Need to Know

Before packing a suitcase, note the basic principle – to clarify any information on stuff that could be carried or prohibited for carriage at the airport, in the airlines’ offices or on their sites. Always check with your exact flight operator what you can bring and how much.

There should be a special focus on your hand baggage. The different airlines have different rules as for weight or the restrictions on the number of pieces of baggage. The list of common prohibited stuff includes weapon and liquefied gases, the combustible solids and liquids, as well as the magnetized substances. So, be attentive, coherent, and you’ll have a safe and pleasant flight.

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