TIPS FOR THE OPEN 2018: Don’t Worry About Redoing WODs

By: Marc Young

Okay, guys, we are getting into real opinionated territory here. And if you've been following my other blogs about the Open, well, you probably know where I'm going with this. This is something that drives me bonkers, although a lot of people feel the opposite way, so let's get to it. Without further ado...

TIP #3 for the 2018 open is:


Okay folks, let’s remember this is an opinion piece, a personal opinion, and nothing more. A lot of folks do the Open workouts on Fridays, and then redo the same workout two or three days later. This, in my humble opinion, is a silly thing to do.

I talked in an earlier blog about Open preparation, and how it happens over the course of the year. This falls into a very similar category for me. Yes, I understand you want to do your best in the open, as do I, as do we all! So, I suppose my stance on this comes from my view of the open.

I view the open as a test of fitness, a measure of how I have fared over the last year. And in my head, I have one shot to prove it.

At no other time of the year would I do a workout, and then say, "meh" I didn’t love my score, I am going to do that again on Tuesday.


You got this. Give it your all. Sign-up for the 2018 CrossFit Open. 

You got this. Give it your all. Sign-up for the 2018 CrossFit Open. 

With the open, we find out what this test of fitness is going to be, have a day or so to think about the standards and come up with a game plan, and then you attack it. One shot, everything you’ve got, to see how you fare.

When the dust settles and the heart rate lowers, I can GUARANTEE you will feel you can beat your score. I mean, if you sit down after any workout and actually thought to yourself, “can I do better than that?”, the answer would be yes 99% of the time. But this is not a normal question to ask yourself, not on the average day in the gym. On the daily, we are happy with working hard, or pacing well, or feeling the burn. It is only when we know our score is going on a worldwide leaderboard that we begin to want immediate improvement.

For me, it is important to understand that redoing the workouts so soon is to worry too much about other people. Granted, if you have a chance to make it to the next level, my advice changes. Of course, you regional athletes SHOULD go for it and take every chance to get the highest score possible. 

If it truly is 'do or die,' redo those bad boys and go win the games!

You have one shot at the Open. Give it your all. 

You have one shot at the Open. Give it your all. 

But this article is meant for those normal folks, like myself. Test yourself with one shot. You have one chance to make the most of a workout. Seize that chance, and give it hell. If you think you can beat your score, hold onto that feeling and crush it next time a few months down the road, or if it comes up again next year.

We have to remember the open is a test of fitness, and no single workout should define you. Do your best, forget the rest, and have fun! Now, get out there and be somebody. 

If you have questions, email me at: or find me at CrossFit Park City in Park City, Utah. 

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