#WODoftheWEEK 2.12.2018

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CrossFit Beyond in Albany, NY

CrossFit Beyond in Albany, NY

Welcome back to our weekly #WODoftheWEEK's! Lately, we've been having more and more people submit their workouts from various boxes they've dropped into (or are from), so we'll be posting some of these in the upcoming weeks. 

And if you want to submit a workout from your box, shoot us an email with a couple paragraphs about the workout you did, and where it took place to: staff@voyedgerx.com

Now, let's jump into it! This week's workout comes to us from Meredith C., who completed this workout at CrossFit Beyond in Albany, New York recently. 

Check out CF Beyond here if you want more info and be sure to drop them a like on Facebook here, too! Now, let's get to the workout itself, where Meredith wrote a pretty awesome and hefty recap of this workout. 


Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

25 pull-ups

50-calorie row

100 overhead squats

50 box jumps

25 pull-ups

Men use a 45-lb. barbell and 24-in box

Women use a 35-lb barbell and 20-in box

*WOD credit* Crossfit Mainsite WOD 161105 and Event 3 from the 2016 Crossfit Liftoff

Photo credit: CrossFit Southie in Boston, MA

Photo credit: CrossFit Southie in Boston, MA


This high-rep, mostly bodyweight burner calls for consistent, non-stop movement if you have aspirations of getting into a second round. The biggest pitfall I saw was folks going too hard on the row and burning arms, legs, and lungs for the remaining movements.


Reduced volume: This scaling should only be considered if you have all of the movement patterns, but struggle with strength or aerobic capacity to get through the high number of reps. Remember, it should still be difficult to get through a full round, so if you can do any of these movements (especially the pull-ups) unbroken, you might have over-scaled!


Option 1: Scale the reps

15 pull-ups

30-calorie row

60 overhead squats

30 box jumps

15 pull-ups

Option 2: Scale the movements

Pull-ups -> jumping pull-ups

Overhead squats -> weight scale (35/15, 15/pvc)

Box jumps -> step-ups

My workout score – 1+15 Rx

crossfit-534615_1920 (1).jpg


This was a fun but definitely challenging workout for me. I did my first set of pull-ups unbroken and headed straight to the rower. I kept the row around 900-1000 cal/hr which made out to about 15-17 calories per minute. I did the overhead squats as 50/25/25 – huge shoulder and leg burner, especially after the rowing. I went with step downs on the box jumps but tried to keep the pace up.

And I was pretty exhausted by the time I got back to the pull-ups – because of the way the workout is set up your reward for getting through one round is to go right into more pull-ups – so my grip and shoulders were pretty fried going into those final movement reps. Super fun, challenging workout that would be a good one to retest going into the opens to see where improvements can be made.

- Meredith Carpenter

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