Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc

Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc

Aside from changing the lives of thousands, and rerouting the course of fitness as we know it, CrossFit Inc. is often times wrapped up in legal squabbles with companies all over the globe. This is an important piece to CrossFit 1) proving that there are some serious health issues being covered up by financially driven companies and 2) protecting their name from slander and good ole 'fake news'.

This case involves the latter, as the NSCA  (National Strength and Conditioning Association) has recently dropped their defamation suit against CrossFit Inc. In simple terms, NSCA made up a bunch of phony news and numbers that they posted in an edition of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning. This is a very well respected journal in the fitness community, which made this a huge deal. NSCA posted an article claiming that CrossFit was dangerous and injury-prone, using tons of fake numbers to back up these claims. CrossFit often didn't like it, and took to the legal system to prove both their innocence, and the wrong doing of the NSCA.

Presently the lawsuit has become to expensive to the NCSA, as they are backed into a real corner with both CrossFit, and their own insurance company. They have dropped the suit against CrossFit. The judge has yet to rule if this is okay with them, or if the lawsuit should proceed. 

You can read CrossFit’s filing here.

This story was originally reported by Justin LoFranco.