Photo courtesy of Rogue

Photo courtesy of Rogue

Small bit of breaking news here, Annie Thorisdottir has dropped out of the Dubai CrossFit Championship.

The Dubai CrossFit Championship, if you can recall, is the first of the newly formed sanctioned events to occur this CrossFit Games Season. Annie had received an automatic bid due to her past victory at the event. 

Annie is sighting injury as her main cause for pulling out, as she has been dealing with shoulder issues, and also had a minor heart procedure recently. She took to instagram yesterday to explain herself, and to indicate that she is doing this now so she still has a chance to qualify for the games in the near future.

I have no doubt Iceland Annie will still be in the field for The Games this summer, but it's clear now that she won't be achieving qualification through her spot in Dubai.

Even with Annie out, the field is still stacked in Dubai next weekend. It should be a fun watch, stay tuned to find out how it goes, and who leaves victorious!

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