A strong body is not made in comfort zones.
— Unknown

This story was first reported by Jessica Danger, and to be honest it absolutely shocked me in the worst way.

We have attached the whole article here, but basically Josh Bridges, who is my absolute favorite CrossFit competitor, announced that he had worked with WODSTAR to create a new program specifically for women called "Lean".

Kind of a cool concept I guess, although having a wife that kicks my ass every day in the gym tells me ladies don't need a special separate program. Still, some ladies would like that concept, so I suppose that's all well and good. 


The advertising for this program was justttttt atrocious. The ad read as, and I quote:

"Let’s face it…men and women have different goals. Females that follow a male-oriented training program develop traps and bulk in all the wrong places. So, say goodbye to one rep max bench days! This program is built to make you a lean and mean female machine. No more pooch belly, lunch-lady arms, or cottage cheese legs.This program is going to target all those spots with endurance and conditioning training. If you’re like most of us…you signed up for CrossFit to look good naked. So why spend months trying to perfect your snatch when all you really want is to look smoking hot for your next Instagram post."


Image via WODSTAR

Image via WODSTAR

This quote is repulsive man, it really is. In the regular ole world out there you will see this stuff all the time, and it's a problem that the CrossFit community is trying to change. The women of CrossFit have worked SO HARD to show the world that strong is sexy. In this community, these words are flat out poison. 

It makes me so sad that Bridges has his name tied to this. If I were a betting man, I would guess he had nothing to do with the phrasing of this, that had to be the marketing team at WODSTAR. He has since sent out a formal apology, which I as a fan appreciate. But this hurts, regardless. And as for WODSTAR, absolutely inexcusable. Whoever wrote that should be fired, without question. 

This community is one to rally around one another, and the negative vibes sent towards WODSTAR in the last few days has been astronomical. Bad business for them, and a sour taste in everyone's mouth. Ladies, keep killing the game. Strong is sexy, don't doubt it for a second. Keep working hard to lift more, run faster, and kick everyone's ass. Peace and love to all of you.

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