Wisdom of the Week- Russian Dips

Improving mobility and nailing how to do Russian Dips 

Alright guys so this week we have a really cool drill for you called Russian dips. This is an accessory movement that focuses specifically on the turnover of the muscle up, which is the area of the movement we have already defined as most troublesome. Check out the video to see what exactly Russian dips are.

As you can see, this drill is pretty neat, but there is some definite set up involved. It is very important to set yourself up the right way to avoid unnecessary risk of injury. To se up the Russian dip drill you will need 4 boxes and 2 benches.

To set up the drill:

1. Flip all four boxes to equal height (30 in) 

2. Position the boxes so they will support the head and foot of the two benches, with the benches sitting parallel to one another. You will want the boxes to be as far apart as possible from one another, as this will be the space for your body to work. Placing the boxes too close together will not allow adequate movement space.

3. Widen the two benches so your elbow can be touching one bench in a perpendicular manner, with the tip of your middle finger just touching the inside of the opposing bench (just as you would set the width of paralletes. 

This should be all the instruction you need to get set up. Read the directions while looking at the video to get a clear understanding of where everything should be. Pausing this wisdom of the week video at 17 seconds will give you a great image of what the set up should look like. Form there, simply ensure that you can hang by your forearms without anything toppling over. The set up should feel sturdy, and you are ready to begin! Have fun with this one guys, its a great drill!

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