#WODoftheWEEK 2.13.17 - Partner WOD

Double Up....

I had the golden opportunity to do what I thought was an easy WOD the other day at my box (CrossFit Southie) and this one left an imprint on me. It was awesome. Super hard, but fucking awesome. I loved every second of it for some reason, mostly because we just got a row of seven Ski Ergs in our box and they've quickly become one of my favorite activities to do in the gym. 

Anyway, here's my pick for the #WODoftheWEEK. 

A partner WOD full of 100 calories on the Assault Bike or the Ski Erg. If you have a skiErg in your box, I highly recommend using it. It's a fun movement that utilizes your whole body, from beginning to end. Not only that, it's exhausting to do. 100 calories is not a small amount - and my partner and I switched off every 10 calories to keep a good pace. 

From there, the power cleans (155 / 105) got heavy quick. We stuck to 5 each, then switched off. Even that was a bitch. Remember, these power cleans are from the ground, so it's better to do touch and go's.

Feel free to break this up however you want, but again, brutal WOD. Super fun though. Your grip will probably be shot, but it'll leave a smile on your face for sure. Test it out, post your time to comments below. 

Shoutout to CrossFit Southie for the awesome programming. Loving every second of it. 

Partner WOD
100 Calorie Bike / Ski Erg
100 Power Cleans (155,105)

If you need a tutorial on the SkiErg, then check out Jason Khalipa's 8 minute video down here. Flash forward to about 4 and a half minutes if you just want the straight 'How to' part. No need to learn more than necessary about the SkiErg. 

And if you want a good chuckle, take a gander at this old school CrossFit videos from 5+ years back. Amazing how much the quality of video has changed in just five years. Shout out to one of the first videos ever made by CrossFit. An oldie, but goodie. 

'Power Clean' Demo. 

That's it for this week. Don't forget to post your times down in the comments below. This was a really good and tough WOD at the same time. 

Save it for the weekend. Hope to see you all on our future Iceland and Costa Rica trips. Pick your poison, lava and ice - or the tropical rainforests and beaches of Latin America. Links below. 

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