Four Reasons To Go To Prague & Munich

PRague & Munich, two cities you need to go to.

Hey Guys, thanks for checking out this post on Prague & Munich, two of my all-time favorite cities, and in a second we'll jump into why these two cities are very important must-see's, but beyond that, Eastern and Central Europe are full of so many hidden gems, I'd highly recommend taking a trip there and driving around from the tiny towns, to the big cities. There's just so much to explore and discover there, it should really be on your bucket-list. 

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Now that I've gotten my mandatory message about why you have to see Eastern & Central Europe, let's dive in to the two main reasons why Prague should be on your bucket list. I might event throw a bonus one in there....

Two Big Reasons To Check Out Prague

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1. The Architecture and City Layout is Insane

The history of Prague covers more than 1,000 years, and while we won't get into all of it, you should know the area around Prague has been settled by humans since the Paleothic Age, which was several thousand years ago...everyone from the Boii, to the Marcomanni, Celts, Byzantines, Romans, Slavs, and pre-Germanic tribes have settled and fought over the land here, mostly because the area around Prague was an important trade route, with the river allowing for easy access and movement of goods. 

That plays into the fact that Prague (like most European cities) were built around important rivers, for trade routes. Basically, what you need to know is that 'Prague' really started becoming Prague from the time of 900, to the year 1306, when Czech Přemyslid dynasty rulers had most of Bohemia under their control. It really all kicked off with Prince Wenceslas, who initiated friendly relations with the Saxon dynasty (more on that in a second). 

But overall, Prince Wenceslas was largely involved in the Christianity, and religion played a huge part on the architecture and influence of Prague. Prague was split into four quarters, and castles, churches, and supremely ornate bridges were then dedicated to the 'Iron and Gold King,' and the style of architecture stemmed from Bohemian roots, mixed with Roman Empire elements from centuries past. At this time, the start of the Renaissance, Prague was largely influenced by artists who had made their way up through Eastern Europe from Italy. 

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Like we mentioned, Prague is split into four quarters. The Castle Quarter, The Little Quarter (Jewish Quarter), Old Town, and New Town. With each having it's own unique aspects of the city and bolstering castles, churches, and shopping districts. Obviously, Prague is now in the 21st century, and boasts a plethora of restaurants, bars, shopping areas, clubs, sights and so much more, but of course the Castle Quarter is one of the most famous in the entire city. 

Old Town also boasts the Church of St. Charles, which is completely epic in its own right, and boasts guards throughout the Castle year-round. It is also open to the public and you can go inside. Definitely do it if you're able, you will NOT be disappointed. 

prague castle inside St. Charles

The Charles Bridge is also pretty unreal, and to get from the Castle Quarter, to Old Town (where the Church is), you're going to have to cross St. Charles Bridge, which is completely full of saintly statues and numerical significance. It feels pretty eerie when you cross it, but there's really nothing else like it in the entire world. It's a long bridge too, and definitely take the time to check out just how old, and ornate each one of the statues are.

At some point, it'll feel like they're staring right back at you, as if they've been there to greet every tourist to Prague for centuries...

st charlges bridge prague

My final point here is take the time to SEE Prague. It offers unparalleled views and buildings that nearly no other European city has. It is entirely unique and different than anywhere else in the world, trust me on that one....

2. Prague Has A Lot More To Offer Than Architecture

People love to talk about how beautiful Prague is, and it is....but there's a whole other side to Prague that people also love. Prague has secretly been one of the best nightlife cities in all of Europe, rivaling Barcelona, Berlin, and even Amsterdam with its riverside clubs, bars open till 6 am, and a lack of restrictions surrounding the nightlife and tourism industry. 

You'd think such a fabled city would have some major concerns on how crazy people can get, but nope.....Prague has a shit ton of clubs and bars to go to. From century old bars, to raving clubs with smoke, lasers, water & fire shows, to 5-story clubs, rooftop dance clubs with all glass views of Prague at night, and so much more, there's something for everyone. There's even a Bed Bar, where you can lay down and nurse your hangover with a cocktail or a mimosa. 

prague nightlife

Oh, and incase you didn't know, the drinking culture in Prague is highly touted to their German neighbors. Add in the fact that beer in Prague is literally cheaper than water and you've got yourself the perfect setting for a few nights out in Prague. Most beers IN THE BAR, are around $1.50 USD, which is damn cheap. Talk about not needing to pregame at all. 

Did we mention the music also? Prague is almost ALWAYS a must-see for artists to play in Prague. See who's playing here next. 

Yes, there's also a plethora of strip clubs, but I'll leave that for another blog post, too. 

Beer is literally cheaper than water in Prague. 

Beer is literally cheaper than water in Prague. 

The Hungry Partier has a pretty good blog post about all the bars you can hit up in Prague, and I'd highly suggest reading it here. 

Overall, if you're going to Prague, don't worry....there will almost be too much to do for you. From sightseeing to Clocktower pub crawls, you're time spent here will feel like an alternate dimension. Everywhere you look, everything you do here, will make it hard to sleep, making you feel like you're missing out on everything it means to eat, breathe, and live Prague to the fullest. 

Prague nightlife boats some of the best artists in the biz. 

Prague nightlife boats some of the best artists in the biz. 


Munich, Germany is another one of my favorite cities in Europe, and it's more than just the beer culture here, but the entire city feels so clean. Everywhere you go, everything is well-kept, clean, ornate, colorful, and just damn charming. It feels like the kind of perfect city that made a robust impact and easy transition into the 21st century while still boasting its roots and flaunts the perfect amount of German culture while still appearing and being very welcoming to refugees, tourists and other visitors to Munich. 

Now, let's dive into our top two reasons why we love Munich and think you should go. 



Munich is most known for the hundreds of thousands of people who attend there three major festivals throughout the year, Oktoberfest, Springfest & Starkbierfest. Let's recap all three. 


Oktoberfest is the world's largest beer drinking festival. Held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, it is a 16- to 18-day folk festival running from mid or late September to the first weekend in October, and hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world attend this festival. Originally, it was started in 1810, and was a celebration for the King Ludwig and celebration of his marriage. Today, it's filled with over 6 million participants who are keen on having LARGE pints of beer, and mouthwatering German food. Oktoberfest has over 13 tents you can choose to drink in, with over hundreds of other participants in there, and a whole lot of security. Just be sure to get in line pretty early and go for a can hydrate, too, if you want. 

Just make sure to dress appropriately in your lederhosen or dirndl and be safe! And be prepared for all kinds of weather in Munich during the fall. From extremely cold and rainy, to super hot and never know what you're going to get. 

However, Oktoberfest is a bucket-list, and watching this video will make you want to go ASAP. 

For more on the yearly Oktoberfest celebration, check out here:


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Springfest, or "Fruhlingsfest" as the Germans know it, is help in April, for three weeks and boasts much better weather than its Oktoberfest cousin. That being said, Springfest is slightly smaller, with only 3-7 tents per year, and a few less rides. That also leaves less people out there on the fairgrounds, which means less lines, and more things for you to do. The good weather usually brings better attitudes and less assholes, so, if you've been to both Oktoberfest and Springfest, I'd be hardpressed to hear why Springfest wasn't your favorite one after seeing're still supposed to dress in traditional German attire, and if you do, the whole experience becomes that much better.....take my word for it. Long story short, with better weather and 

For more on "Little Oktoberfest," see here:


Dark beer fest typically takes place in February each year, and is worth it to check out. Munich, in the winter, is obviously pretty cold, but the beer is just as good, and couple with the festivities of winter in Munich, you won't have a bad time. 

Especially because people in Munich know how to celebrate properly, in all four seasons, I'd say it's absolutely worth it to go here and drink with the locals. Starkbierfest makes the list because it's mostly dominated by local Bavarians who know how to celebrate, appreciate and show off their culture to the world in appropriate ways. 

Cue the video down below, and add it to your list of things to do in Munich, Germany next year. You will not be disappointed, especially from the strongman show of strength held in the Lowenbrau beer hall....

2. The English Garden in Munich

There are a lot of things I love about Munich, Germany....but considering the four seasons and ability to constantly shift, adapt, and change as a city, one of the welcome constants is how beautiful the, 'English Garden,' is.....

It's real name is: Englischer Garten - obviously for, 'English Garden' and sits square in the center of Munich. It was created in 1789 by Englishman, Sir Benjamin Thompson, and is about 910 acres, making it one of the world's largest urban parks in any major city. The park itself holds a Japanese teahouse, several outdoor (and man-made) rivers meandering through, as well as boasts a massive nude sunbathing area....crazy, right? 

Anyway, the long bike paths, beautiful outdoor construction, constant landscaping, and in general, most of the feeling of being safe, surrounded by people in good moods, smiles and more, make this place especially cool, especially if you're looking to get away from Oktoberfest for a while....the English Garden is certainly a cool spot you should check out. Especially in the fall, where the scenery, vibe, and just coolness of the place makes you feel right at home, no matter where you're from. 

Another cool thing about the English Garden is it boasts a NUMBER of man-made rivers where you can actually SURF! Tons of Munich citizens, and visitors alike have taken to the waves in the Munich River to show off their skills, often waiting in line, and riding the waves year-round. 

surfing munich, germany

No matter when you to go Munich, be sure to check out these guys tearing up the waves on the river. It's actually just off main center (5-minute walk) and is usually attended by a decent crowd cheering the surfers on...

Check it out when you're there, for sure. If you want to check out an awesome video, do it here and watch people surf during Oktoberfest...

Anyway, those are really some of my favorite things about Munich, the English Garden, Oktoberfest and more. I really can't highlight either one of these two cities (Prague or Munich) enough. And in terms of traveling to Central Europe, these two cities HAVE TO be on your list. 

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Hope to chat with you guys, soon! 

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