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prague to munich 

april  21-28th, 2019






8 DAYS, 7 NIGHTS throughout the best of bohemia


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  • Prague, Czech Republic

  • Saxon Switzerland National Park

  • Cesky Krumlóv

  • Munich, Germany

  • neuschwanstein castle

  • Springfest  





  • Pick up and drop off to both airports (PRG) and (MUC)
  • Breakfast everyday on the trip and two group dinners
  • Walking tours of Prague, Cesky Krumlov, and Munich
  • Hike through Saxon Switzerland National Park in Germany (Transportation and lunch included)
  • Day trip to Cesky Krumlov
  • Day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle and transportation
  • Daily optional CF box drop-ins in Prague and Munich
  • Entrance to Springfest (Europe's second biggest beer drinking festival in Munich)
  • Your first 'stein' at the tents in Springfest
  • All drop-in fees etc.
  • All accommodations and transportation required on the tour


  • Flight to PRAGUE (PRG) and from MUNICH (MUC). Once you book, we will work with you on getting the best deals (If you would prefer, we can book flights for you. This will be an additional fee).
  • Lunches and some dinners
  • Any optional activities not included on the days above (Tours, museums etc.) all of which can be booked right from the hotel desk, or via www.viator.com
  • Travelers Insurance
Prague never quite lets you go....this dear little mother has sharp claws, indeed.








april 21, 2019

day 1 .jpg

DAY 1 - fairytale castles & gothic architecture

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and has a population of 1.2 million people. Being a former Soviet Bloc country, the highlights and gothic architecture have really only been uncovered for the last 20 years or so. Between the incredibly ornate castles, churches, and cobblestone streets, this is a traveler’s paradise. Part of what makes Prague so unique is its beauty during the daytime, but the night is just as grand. At night in Prague, the majority of the bars and clubs are open until nearly sunrise.

Whether you're signed up to enjoy the nightlife, or bask in the culture and history of Prague, you're in for a real treat after your arrival. Your pick up from the Prague airport (PRG) will be paid for, and the group will enjoy a walking tour after check-in to our accommodations, followed by a group dinner to start off our adventure.

Avg. temp in Prague in April = 61 F / 16 C

Fun Fact: Prague is home to the largest castle in the world. 


  • Pick up from airport
  • Transfer into Prague
  • Accommodations
  • Optional workout
  • Walking tour
  • Group dinner
  • Night out

CrossFit MEat Factory, gothic castles & clocktower pub crawl

april 22, 2019

day 2.jpg

DAY 12 - sweat, eat, drink, repeat

Prague is home to dozens of gothic churches, castles, bridges and many other stunning attractions. From the Charles Bridge to the John Lennon Wall, you'll have today to explore Prague more in-depth. The group will schedule an optional morning workout at CrossFit Meat Factory. From there we will venture out to some local pubs (many of which are 1,000 years old) and we'll show you some of our favorite off the beaten path hotspots in Prague.

Known as the 'Fairy Tale City' of Europe, you'll have more than enough to do in Prague. The shopping is incredibly cheap, the food exquisite, and the nightlife is fit for the bold. You'll have a magical day exploring every nook and cranny or Prague.

Avg. temp in Prague in April = 61 F / 16 C

Fun fact: The people of Prague consume (on average) 155 liters of beer a year


  • Breakfast
  • Charles Bridge & Prague Castle Walking Tour
  • Jewish Quarter
  • CrossFit Meat Factory Drop-In
  • Astronomical Clock
  • Free time to go shopping
  • Prague Pub Crawl 

saxon switzerland national park

april 23, 2019

day 3 .jpg

DAY 3 - day trip to the heart of bohemia

Boy, have we got the perfect day trip for you. Saxon Switzerland National Park. Located just 1.5 hours from Prague, this included day trip will bring you to the German state of Saxony, near the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. It borders the Czech Republic and boasts an impressive natural landscape of almost 710 square kilometers. You'll enjoy a guided hike through this impressive, intensely fissured rock canyon.

Be sure to bring your camera, as we'll stop in some seriously majestic places. Lunch is also included in the tour throughout the National Park. You will depart Prague in the morning, and return just in time for another night out, if you wish!

Avg. temp in Saxon-Switzerland National Park in April = 56 F / 13 C

Fun fact: Saxon-Switzerland is home to Europe's largest Sandstone Arch and is home to some of Europe's oldest rock-climbing associations


  • Breakfast
  • Morning workout
  • Transportation to Saxon-Switzerland
  • Guided hike through the National Park
  • Included lunch
  • Free time to explore the park
  • Transportation back to Prague
  • Optional night out / free time

day trip to césky krumlóv

april 24, 2019

day 4.jpg

DAY 4 - europe's most charming countryside village

The small town of Cesky Krumlov is the second most popular tourist attraction in the Czech Republic, and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site for good reason. The well preserved town looks like it's straight out of the 14th century, with curious alleyways creating an ornate labyrinth into the city center. The massive Krumlov castle dominates the old town, and is an incredible peek back into the lives of the aristocratic rulers of Bohemia through the centuries.

It was originally built in the year 1240, and you'll tour every nook and cranny of it after our walking tour. You'll have the rest of the day to explore pubs and shopping districts, and walk about town. From there, we'll hop the bus and head to Munich, and check-in to our accommodations.

Avg. temp in Cesky Krumlóv in April = 55 F / 12.7 C

Fun fact: Krumlóv Castle is the second biggest castle in the world, behind Prague Castle. 


  • Breakfast
  • Transportation to Césky Krumlóv
  • Walking tour of Césky Krumlóv
  • Free time to explore
  • Transportation to Munich
  • Check-in to hotel in Munich

welcome to bavaria

april 25, 2019

day 5 .jpg

DAY 5 - munich, germany. the heart of bavaria

After Berlin and Hamburg, Munich is Germany's third largest city, and capital of the region of Bavaria. Munich is mostly known for hosting the world's largest beer drinking festival in the Munich fairgrounds, 'Oktoberfest,' but Munich is also home to two other beer festivals: Springfest and Starkbierfest.

You'll be attending the opening weekend of 'Springfest' tomorrow. In the meantime, you're going to get an education and tour of Munich. From the beer to the origins of World War 2, you're going to see this innovative, forward-thinking city the right way: on a beer walking tour.

The group will schedule a drop-in at CF Munich for those looking to get a workout in beforehand. We will then start the three hour tour, and end at Munich's downtown beer house, known as the Hofbrauhaus. From there, you'll have ample free time, as well as optional activities to launch into from here! Welcome to Munich!

Avg. temp in Munich in April = 57 F / 14 C

Fun fact: Munich is further north than any U.S city (excluding Alaska) and has over 60 beer gardens within the city. 


  • Breakfast
  • Drop-in to CF Munich
  • Beer Walking Tour of Munich
  • Stop at Hofbrauhaus
  • Free time to explore
  • View of the river surfing in Munich
  • Englisch Garden

munich's second biggest beer drinking festival - springfest

april 26, 2019

day 6.jpg

DAY 6 - welcome to fruhlingsfest - a.k.a. springfest

'Springfest' (or Frühlingsfest, if you want the true name) is Oktoberfest’s little sister, but with less crowds and WAY better weather. If you've been to Oktoberfest before, chances are you're going to like Springfest EVEN BETTER. Bavarian history states that on October 12, 1810, a wedding between Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen took place, and all of Munich’s citizens were invited to celebrate.

An everlasting supply of beer rained into happy German throats, and Oktoberfest was born. But then the locals couldn’t wait for another one to come around — thus, Springfest. Located in the center of Munich, on the same fairgrounds as Oktoberfest, you'll be escorted to the drinking tents and will have free roam of the day!

Avg. temp in Munich in April = 57 F / 14 C

Fun fact: Springfest is like Oktoberfest, but with less crowds, way better weather, and is much cheaper to attend. 


  • Breakfast
  • Optional morning workout
  • Walk to fairgrounds
  • Your first stein at Springfest
  • Free day to roam and explore
  • Potential for some blurred (but fond) memories


april 27, 2019

day 7 neuschwanstein .jpg

DAY 7 - the home of king ludwig II. neuschwanstein castle.

Day 7 kicks off with an included day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle, located about an hour away from Munich. This fairytale castle originally spawned the idea for Walt Disney's famous castle at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. This gem is located on a steep mountain pass in the heart of Bavaria. With an included ticket and guided tour, you'll spend 2-3 hours touring this amazingly ornate castle.

King Ludwig II commissioned the castle in 1868, just two years after Austria and Bavaria were conquered by Prussia. More than 1.5 million people tour the castle every year. After returning to Munich, you'll have free time to participate in an optional workout, or head back to the Springfest tents to enjoy a few more rounds. Group dinner, optional workout are also included. 

FYI - If you wish to skip Neuschwanstein and want to have a second day at Springfest, you are more than welcome to!

Avg. temp at Neuschwanstein Castle in April = 46 F / 7 C

Fun fact: Despite it's medieval look, Neuschwanstein Castle was finished in the 19th century, served no defensive purposes, and has no throne room due to King Ludwig II dying before its completion. This castle also served as the inspiration for Disney World's famous castle.


  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Transportation to Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Guided tour of Neuschwanstein
  • Transportation back to Munich
  • Optional workout
  • Group dinner

dachau concentration camp & depart home from munich

april 28, 2019


DAY 1 - fairytale castles & gothic architecture

Part of Munich's history eclipses the dark days of World War 2. As amazing and colorful as Munich is today, Germans in the area have not forgotten about the atrocities committed during World War 2. Instead of ignoring the past, they have accepted what has happened, and use it as a learning tool to educate tourists flocking to Munich. The Dachau Concentration Camp is one of those places the Germans have left open for visitors to come, view, and learn from.

As Hitler's first concentration camp, Dachau initially housed political prisoners. However, it eventually became a death camp where hundreds of of thousands of Jews died from malnutrition, disease, or execution. It serves as a dark place, and is a stark contrast to the tents of Springfest, but it's definitely worth experiencing. This will be provided as an optional tour before your afternoon departure from the Munich airport.

You may also just stay in Munich, and use the morning for one last bout of exploration before heading on home!

Avg. temp at Dachau in April = 57 F / 12 C

Fact: More than 32,000 people lost their lives at Dachau as prisoners. 'Selfies' at the camp are not allowed.


  • Breakfast
  • Optional workout
  • Transportation to Dachau
  • Guided tour of Dachau
  • Transportation back to Munich
  • Free time to explore
  • Ticket back to the airport
  • A big hug goodbye!

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