budapest to oktoberfest

september 21-29th, 2019




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9 days, 8 nights from hungary through austria, bavaria & oktoberfest


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  • Arrive in Budapest (BUD) anytime on SATURDAY, September 21, 2019

  • Depart from Munich (MUC) on SUNDAY, September 29, 2019 in the p.m.






  • All transportation and accommodations
  • Pick up and drop off at the airport at the beginning and end of the trip
  • All ground transportation and accommodations
  • All breakfasts, one lunch, and three group dinners
  • Gym drop-ins and/or travel workouts (all optional)
  • Walking tours in Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Hallstatt, and Munich
  • Two Spa entrances during the day & night laser spa party entrance in Budapest
  • Pub crawl and tour of dungeon pubs in Budapest
  • Hike outside of Salzburg in Berchtesgaden National Park
  • Tour of Hitler's Eagle's Nest at top of Berchtesgaden National Park
  • Lenny's Beer Walking & History tour in Munich, Germany
  • Multiple days at 'Oktoberfest' - World's Largest Beer Drinking Festival
  • Your first stein at Oktoberfest is INCLUDED!
  • Optional trip to Dachau Concentration Camp
  • A professional photographer, plus access to all photos after the tour at no extra cost


  • Flight into Budapest, Hungary (BUD) and out of Munich, Germany (MUC). Once you book, we will work with you on getting the best deals (If you would prefer, we can book flights for you. This will be an additional fee).
  • Some lunches and dinners
  • Drinks on the nights out
  • Additional activities not listed on the day to day, or the 'What's Included' section
  • Travelers Insurance
You can’t be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline — it helps if you have some kind of a football team or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer.






welcome to budapest

September 21, 2019


DAY 1 - arrive in budapest

WELCOME TO BUDAPEST! VoyEdge RX will be there to greet you at the airport, and from there, we'll head to the hotel to check-in. Catch your breath, freshen up, and before you know it we will take off on a group walking tour around Budapest. After the tour you have some free time to explore on your own, or participate in an optional workout (if you're up for it) in the afternoon. In the evening we'll plan a group dinner nearby, and follow that up with a night out on the town to explore some of Budapest's world famous ruins bars in the Jewish Quarter of town! Budapest is home to the number #1 and #4 bars in the world, according to Lonely Planet's 2016 Travel Guide, so this should be a memorable evening.

Sczeny Baths, cf duna, pub crawl and 'spa'-party

September 22, 2019


DAY 2 - the baths & castles of budapest

Enjoy a light breakfast as you wake up in Budapest. From here, we'll set up a time to go to CrossFit Duna, a Reebok sponsored gym on the outskirts of town. After the workout  we will head to the Szczesny Baths, an awesome natural spring spa. Feel free to head back to the hotel to freshen up, or explore more of Budapest on your own for the afternoon. We will set up another meeting time for a group dinner (included), and from there we will take off for the Spa Party in Budapest! Or take off and have the night on your own, as Budapest has much to explore! You can hit the shopping districts and ruins pubs you weren't able to hit last night. Either way, our team will be on hand to show you the best that Budapest has to offer.

head to vienna & explore the austrian capital

September 23, 2019


DAY 3 - the heart of europe

Welcome to Day Three! By now, you should be over your jet lag and feeling GOOD! Wake up in Budapest, grab a light breakfast, and then you will head to the Budapest Central Train Station and enjoy a short ride to Vienna. This is the capital of Austria and an incredibly ornate city. Check-in to the hotel, grab a quick coffee, and then head off to see some palaces, shopping districts, castles, cobblestone streets, churches and everything else Vienna has to offer. We'll set up a late afternoon workout in Austria before venturing out to find a place to eat for the evening. Find a cozy bistro or restaurant that piqued your interest on the walking tour to hunker down for a meal. Take some time to relax with the group, or venture out on your own after that!

butterfly museum, cf workout & free day in vienna

September 24, 2019


DAY 4 - get lost in the splendor of vienna

Vienna has a lot of things to do, see, and explore. They even have an 'Imperial Butterly Park,' that is utterly gorgeous and a must-see. We will include your tickets to this incredible park after our morning workout. Day 4 will essentially be a free day, where everything you saw and heard yesterday will be options to dive into further today. Whether it's a chocolate tasting, bike tour, or seeing the world's oldest zoo, you'll have plenty to choose from. Take the morning to plan your day in Vienna, and become immersed in the culture of this Austrian capital. Breakfast is included, but from there, the day is yours! Be prepared for an early departure tomorrow to Hallstatt!

head to hallstatt, hike, rest, eat & depart to salzburg

September 25, 2019


DAY 5 - head to hallstatt, austria

Wake up in Vienna and have a light breakfast before hopping on the bus to Hallstatt, Austria. You will have nearly the entire day to soak in this enticingly beautiful lakeside gem. Once we arrive, we'll take a brief walking tour of the small village. After this, we will take a jaunt on a glass bridge above the lake (included) to get a panoramic view of this incredible landscape. From there, you'll have a bit more time to explore Hallstatt, enjoying a lakeside beverage before hopping back on the bus to head to Salzburg for the night.

hike hitler's world war II hideout - the eagle's nest

September 26, 2019


DAY 6 - into the mountains we go....

Wake up on Day 6 and arise in Salzburg with an optional early morning workout at CF Salzburg, and then enjoy a light breakfast at the hotel. Once we have exercised and refueled, we will depart to Berchtesgaden National Park for a hike up to Hitler's World War 2 hideout, known as "The Eagles Nest." It's about a 4-5 hour hike, and will wind up being an all-day excursion. It's optional, but included, so if you'd like to do other activities you may. We'll reconvene at the Augustiner Pub. This is a rustic 13th Century Brewhouse, where we will meet for an included dinner, and beers on us. As if it couldn’t get better, this pub is just a short walk from downtown Salzburg! Spend the night in Salzburg, get some rest, and get ready for Munich tomorrow.

soak in salzburg & head to munich

September 27, 2019


DAY 7 - say hello to salzburg

Today, we head to Munich around midday. Save the best for last, right? Wake up with an early morning drop-in to CF Salzburg, have breakfast, freshen up, and take the morning train to Munich. Upon arrival we will walk to the hotel, and get ready for a beer walking history tour of Munich. Afterwards, we will explore the English Garden of Munich for an included lunch session. may wish to hit up the Oktoberfest tents early. We will show you where to purchase a lederhosen and or dirndl so you appear in typical German fashion! Tents close at 9pm. Make sure to get home safe!

oktoberfest in munich

September 28, 2019


DAY 8 - oktoberfest in munich

Wake up with fervor on Day 8, because it's time to head to Oktoberfest, and it's wild! Get an early start to the day and get in line EARLY! VoyEdge RX will bring you to the tents and show you where to go. We will be there with you and be available the entire day via phone. Please be safe, be smart, and buddy up. It's a wild scene out there! We will get in an optional workout in the morning if you would like, but be sure to bring CASH, and get to the tents quick! It really is a marathon day, but be sure to BEHAVE yourself! Oktoberfest is quite the overwhelming experience, but if you stick with the group it will be nothing but fun. If you stick with our crew, VoyEdge RX will pay for your FIRST STEIN in the tents!

dachau concentration camp & depart home 

September 29, 2019


DAY 9 - head to dachau & prepare for departure

Day 9 kicks off with a few different options. You can take your time and sleep off the Oktoberfest hangover, or get up early and try to sweat it out before heading home later this evening. Either way, take advantage of the 3/4 day you have, and get out there to explore Munich. Feel free to head back downtown to checkout the English Garden and soak in the autumn air with a bike ride, or maybe a picnic. Of course, you could head back to the Oktoberfest tents for a half-day, or roll with the crew to see a historic WWII site, the Dachau Concentration Camp just outside of Munich. You'll have an evening departure from Munich, Germany (MUC) back to your home destination, so make the most of your final moments here! VoyEdge RX will pay for you to get back safely to the airport, and of course we will give you a MASSIVE hug before parting ways!


~ fin