Wisdom Of The Week - Wrapping Up The Handstand Push-Up

Hey fitness & travel friends! We are wrapping up our handstand push-up series with a unique exercise. Last week, we talked A LOT in the blog about the importance of working the full range of motion. But, besides practicing negatives, how do you work the full range of motion on a handstand push-up if you don't have the strength to get back up?? Watch below to see how!

This is a spectacular way to strengthen your handstand push-up! Like we mention in the video, this drill needs to be performed WITH A SPOTTER! The bands work the same way as they do for banded pull-ups; they allow you to practice the complete movement by taking away some of your body weight. A thicker band provides more assistance, while a thinner band allows you to support more of your body. It is designed to be done as accessory skill work for quality, not in a Metcon for time. Arrive early or stay a few minutes late after class, and you can bang out sets of these with a buddy! Have fun!


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