Guest Blog Post: "Why CrossFit Works - Community with no dividing lines"

By: Stephanie Krieg of CrossFit Redzone

What are you up to at 5:30am every morning? While my fiancé and pups are snuggled in bed I get up, brush my teeth, lace up my sneakers and head to work. There is something about the stillness in the morning that really gets you thinking about the things in your life that instill a sense of calm in you. 

As I unlock the gym door to CrossFit Redzone in Newtown, CT and switch on the lights, the familiar faces of my #530fitfam start trickling in. The same thought crosses my mind throughout our 60 minutes together every morning.

In here, we are all the same.”

Inside view of CrossFit Redzone. via @NicoleBedardPhotography

Inside view of CrossFit Redzone. via @NicoleBedardPhotography

Unless you are off the grid you have seen headlines, read Facebook posts, listened to podcasts, overheard conversations at your local coffee shop, heck even had to put up with your drunk uncle during the holidays as 2016 drew to a close....the world is rapidly changing and sometimes it can seem like we are divided more than ever before. There no longer seems to be a blurred line: you’re red or you’re blue.. gone are the days of purple being part of our world.. or is it?

            With every PR and cheer from fellow members, I see more and more that institutions like CrossFit bring people together for something real. You are respected, you are loved, and you are appreciated within these walls. The only thing that matters here is how hard you worked and how far you’ve come. In today’s world, maybe a community like this is just what we need.

            My seven year journey with CrossFit has helped me in more ways than I could ever describe: from overcoming body issues, to inspiring me to pursue a career path in Health Promotion, to now having the opportunity to help others transform their lives. But sipping my coffee each morning I am learning more and more that this is now the place that I can truly feel a connection with others, no matter what their background is.

            As I finish up my coffee and warm up my class it begins to sink in: change is inevitable, and sometimes difficult, but we always overcome. With every PR comes a day you thought it would never come.

My advice to you? Find your safe space. Hold on to it fiercely. Appreciate how it challenges and changes you.  In these difficult times, we need that.

For me that place is here, at 5:30am, in my home. It is a place that doesn’t judge me on my beliefs, my values, or what I hold to be true. I hold the same respect for them. In a world where there is a new debate everyday, the box provides a place for people to come to and enjoy one another, without judgment. Your next PR will come.. and until then, all of the people around you will be there to lift you up along the way. 

By: Stephanie Krieg

P.S. What motivates you about the CrossFit community? What do you love about your box community? Post your comments down below and let us know. 

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