#WODoftheWEEK '100 Burpees For Time'



That was a verbatim conversation I had last night at my box, and rightfully so. If someone asked me at the end of an open gym session if I wanted to do 100 burpees for time, I'd most definitely say, "No fuckin' way dude." But, I had it in my head that was the cash out WOD I was going to do after nearly 50 minutes of Olympic lifting, and you know what? It felt great. 

Here's Why: 

CrossFit for me, has always been about improving at the things you suck at most. Whether it's olympic lifts, gymnatics, expanding your lung capacity, or improving mentally bit by bit, it's the process you've got to trust. You've got to believe that one more rep will get you to where you want to be. There are no shortcuts. You've got to do the work bit by bit and stay present in the moment. Nothing is forever. And that is very much the case with this WOD. 


100 burpees for time

I finished this WOD at 7:05....not my fastest time ever, but I thought I was going at an ok pace and stayed steady throughout it. That, for me, was more important than finishing the time. You want a nice even burn and to stay steady through something as titillating as this....plus, bodyweight workouts are amazing because, for everyone, it's always a 1:1 ratio of how much work you're doing to your weight. 

Cam Seher actually introduced me to this WOD and it's something I've done about once a month, to see where my aerobic capacity is. Again, it's more of a cool down, and not so intense you need to lay on the ground afterwards, but is a great calorie burner too. 

So, how do you get through 100 burpees? Here's a few tips from Greatist.com

  1. Don't rest. Pace. ...
  2. Feet go before hands. If you want to take a second off of your burpee, shoot your legs back before your hands hit the ground. ...
  3. Turn on robot mode. ...
  4. Breathe! ...
  5. Avoid common faults.

Read more in the post here


Burpees suck. Everyone knows that. But, did you know burpees also fucking hate you back? Yeah, they're brutal. Mostly for the fact that they are bodyweight movements, and bodyweight movements suck. 

Anyways, if you need tips and tricks on burpees, watch the below video, and don't forget to post your time and try this WOD out next time you're at the box. 

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