Wrapping Up the Pull Up Series

Okay guys, this week is effectively ending our pull-up series (for now). I just wanted to take a minute to recap some of the important things we covered in the past 4 weeks. These are the things you are going to want to keep in mind as you work your way to being an absolute ANIMAL on the pull-up bar.

And when I say ANIMAL, I mean ANIMAL

And when I say ANIMAL, I mean ANIMAL


These past four weeks we have talked about the pull up and a few scaling options to appropriately strengthen that movement. We never discussed kipping, and that was on purpose. Why you ask? Because the strict pull-up is the foundation of all pulling gymnastic skills.  Kipping before your musculature is ready is only going to damage your joints and stunt your growth as an athlete.  As frustrating as it may be it is imperative that you build the foundation first. Build a house without a foundation and with the first big storm that bad boy is sliding down the hill to doom. Same exact thing will happen to your body if you don’t build a strong foundation through pull-up development. More advanced movements will come. TRUST US.


Don’t be that athlete who tries so damn hard to do one pull up at a time in a 20 minute WOD. SCALE ACCORDINGLY. The programmer at your gym designs workouts for a reason, and your health will enhance optimally if you experience the workout the way it is meant to be done. We have laid out several fantastic, easy to use scales here that can get you working the full range of motion while also crushing reps at an appropriate speed. Intensity is the name of the game in functional fitness, and if you are fighting tooth and nail to do one pull-up at a time, you really aren’t improving.


Constantly varied functional movement performed at a high intensity. Sound familiar? The program is proven to work, and work well. But the whole message must be taken for what it is. Constantly varied pertains to everyone, not jus t the elite. What I am saying is, switch up your scale! Too much of a good thing is bad, and this is no exception,. If you walk into the gym every day and grab the same band and scale pull ups the same way, you will plateau. Use these scales, switch it up, shock the system, and keep growing.

Watch the video below on how to do one more scale for pull ups during a metcon. 


You’re just gonna have to tune in next week to find out.  Wisdom of the Week moves onto a new topic next Wednesday, I can’t wait to share it with all of you!!

Stay fit my friends…

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