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that face you make in the middle of a brutal workout

that face you make in the middle of a brutal workout

Tony and I encountered a surprisingly (well, not really) challenging WOD this past week at CrossFit Southie. With Tony's injury to his Achilles, he's been able to do a lot more (including walking around) and has been able to do nearly everything at the box over these past few months except box jumps. 

So, with that said...we've been hitting a few more WOD's together recently, and both tackled this beast of a workout this past Saturday morning. It's the kind of workout that leaves you on the ground for a few good minutes, and one that makes you question what the hell you were thinking getting into it in the first place. 

You gotta love it, overall. Isn't that the point of CrossFit? Not only to get better physically, but mentally as well. Let's dive into the workout, and again, props to the programming at CrossFit Southie in Boston, MA. 

5 Rounds
15/10 Calorie Bike
10 Power Cleans (155,105)
10 Front Squats
25/20 Calorie Erg
Rest 1 Minute


And yeah, if you've ever had one of those moments where you're really questioning who you are and what you're doing in that exact moment, it's  going to happen again during this workout. For some reason, this one really put me to the test, and although I did only 2-3 muscle-ups after the front squats, Tony did all five, proving he is a tough son of a bitch. 

The biggest problem with a 'kick to the chest' workout like this is always catching your breathe in-between movements, and this is exactly the case here. 

Getting off the bike was not easy after the third round, nor were the front squats. I needed a moment for each, and the minute rest was just enough to stave off asphyxiation for me, personally. Either way, great WOD, and when you attack the barbell, attack it! Scale the weight as needed, or as necessary, and put this one on your list of metcons to do in the near future. 

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