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Banff National Park in Alberta Canada

Banff National Park in Alberta Canada

By: Marc Young

And North we go, baby!

Welcome to the mind-boggling playground of adventure that is Banff, Canada. Banff is not only a non-stop stunning vista of mountains, pines, and glaciers (yes, GLACIERS), but also one of the worlds biggest hotbeds for outdoor adventure and activity! And let me tell you, folks, nothing will get that message across like this ridiculous itinerary. We put an epic amount of work, research, and planning into this, and I think it's going to show when you check out the trip page. 

Or if you want to watch this epic time lapse of Banff National Park, you can do that, too. 

Either way, this itinerary marks a HUGE direction of where we want to take VoyEdge RX, and we really stepped up our game here. We have never included so much in one 7-day span, and you can bet your ass we're going to be putting out more itineraries like this in the coming months and years. This trip is any adventure seekers dream, and I mean that with every bit of my soul! Don’t believe me? Allow me to explain.


The trip first takes us into the heart of Banff, right in the midst of natures beauty. We will be driving everyone in spacious rental vans so no worries about paying for transportation, and we are putting you up in a 3-star hotel every night because we are doing this thing right. There's no reason to skirt around trying to save money, because if you're going to go here, you ought to do it the right way. 

Long story short, ee are wasting zero seconds getting into the thick of the adventure. Our first day in Banff we will be hiking Sulphur Mountain resulting in a serious photo op right off the bat. There are also some hot springs up there that we may dip a toe or two into, if it isn’t too hot, before taking a scenic gondola ride down (of course that ticket is on us). The adventure continues as we are going to rent some canoes and go on an unguided adventure, exploring the beautiful streams and lakes in the area. Can’t afford a canoe rental? Good thing that’s included in your trip, huh.

View of Sulphur Mountain from Lake Bow in Banff. 

View of Sulphur Mountain from Lake Bow in Banff. 

Now, we are just getting started here. Day two brings us on an awesome four hour hiking/rock climbing guided tour at Mt. Norquay, one of the most stunning mountains in the area. This is gonna be great exercise and quite a thrill for sure. The best part about it? There is NO experience required and ANYONE can do it! It's even guided and led by multiple instructors and they have you CLIMBING to the top of a mountain via ropes, cables, and more. 

You talk about an adventure? This is the best and biggest highlight of the trip. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on this. See here for more info, and watch the POV of someone climbing the Via Ferrata on Mt. Norquay in Banff during the winter. 

We will be doing this in the summer, so do not worry! You'll be talking about this for the rest of your life!

At this point, we have seen the area enough to head to Lake Louise. But why drive around the area if we can first explore it on horseback right? As soon as we get to Lake Louise that’s the plan folks, a nice horseback riding tour of the Lake Louise area as the sun sets.

Guys, it just keeps getting better from here. Trust us on this one...

Lake Louise on an early morning in the summer. 

Lake Louise on an early morning in the summer. 

Remember I mentioned those glaciers? Yeah it’s not something you will be forgetting on this trip. We wake up in Lake Louise the next day and drive just under 2 hours north to the glaciers for an awesome tour. This excursion will take us out on the ice and actually allow us to hike on the glaciers for a while before we do a skywalk, giving us a birds-eye view of the incredible structures. For those who still have gas left in the tank, we have a kick ass hike picked out back in Lake Louise for the afternoon if you are feeling up to it. YES PLEASE!

Watch the video down below for more on the Icefields Glacier Adventure.

At this point we have been a non-stop go, so we are going to take a chill Lake Louise morning to walk around the lake itself and get some stunning sunrise pictures. Once we are all awake and feeling good, we head over to Golden, B.C where our trip reaches its epic two-day conclusion.

When we get to Golden, we explore in style, on an ATV tour (get the theme here folks, it’s all on us). After the tour, we will take a scenic gondola up Kicking Horse Mountain, where we will have reservations for a dinner above the clouds at the famous Eagle’s Eye restaurant.

Hang on tight because we have one more day of adventure and this may top it all.

I know what you’re thinking. “MAN, this trip has EVERYTHING!”. After this day, I would agree! This last day is players choice for everyone. We have done extensive research to find the best adventure tours money can buy in Golden B.C., and now on this last day, it is YOUR CHOICE what you want to do.

Are you a gnarly mountain biker who wants to spend the day shredding downhill flow trail?? We will pay for your filthy downhill rental, gear, and a day-long lift ticket. Want to take advantage of Golden’s world-class whitewater rafting? We got you covered for a whole day excursion, complete with a riverside BBQ lunch stop.

Or maybe you would trade in a day of adventure for a few hours of absolute thrill, and would rather go on a 2 hour tandem paragliding excursion. The world is your oyster, and we are paying for you, so bring my GoPro and have a ball!!

Either way, whatever activity you choose on Day 6, it's on VoyEdge RX! We want to give you as many options as possible, so tap a video, and let us know what you prefer and we got you covered! This is your vacation, your adventure and we want you to have the time of your life today. 

Guys. This trip is incomprehensibly badass. There is SO MUCH activity, SO MANY excursions, and it’s ALL ON US.

Oh yeah, and we are covering your breakfasts, and either a lunch or a dinner for you every. Single. Day. I am so hyped up for this trip, it’s gonna be an absolute BLAST. Non-stop adventure for 7 straight days in nature’s playground.

Are you in, or are you in?! I can assure you one thing, I will be seeing you there because this trip is a must for me! Sign up with a $300 refundable deposit (goes towards the price of your tour) and from there, you can pay off the invoice with the remaining amount AS YOU WANT! 

Here's to being a customer service oriented travel company that's fully embracing the heart, spirit, and wildness of the 21st century. 

See here for the full-trip and I REALLY hope you sign-up. Email me with ANY questions, and I'll see you in 2019 & 2020 in BANFF! 

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