Why Costa Rica Rocks

Hi guys, my name is Gina - and if we haven't been formally introduced, I'll hope to see you on an upcoming VoyEdge RX excursion. I'm the most recent addition to the team, and when I first came across what VoyEdge RX was doing, I thought it was awesome and knew I had to get on board.

Now, that being said, what's all the hullabaloo with travel & fitness?

Listen, 99.9% of people in the world LOVE to travel, am I right? Yet, how come so little of us actually do it on a regular basis? Don't get stuck working at a desk job, it's time you put the mouse and laptop away and started doing what we humans were meant to do...travel. 

The world is your oyster...seeing a view like this in person is way better than having it be your desktop image. 

The world is your oyster...seeing a view like this in person is way better than having it be your desktop image. 

So, for me...travel has been a huge important piece of my life. From growing up overseas, to learning several different languages, I've always been keen on going to the next place. What's new? Who can I meet? What is there to do? But I understand not everyone always feels like this - AND I TOTALLY GET IT. 

When I moved to Boston, one thing I wasn't sure of (besides the clam chowder) was how I'd react to the harsh winter climate. I've always lived in more temperate places, but the Boston winters have got me craving the sun. And now being branded as having the, 'seasonal affectiveness disorder' or the shitty acronym "SAD" I knew it was time to get some sun back in me as soon as possible. 

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That's why I took off immediately to Costa Rica for an extended week on the Pacific side. I knew I had to get some sun ASAP. And I know it's not revolutionary to go somewhere warm in the winter but I can’t emphasize enough how much of a happier person it makes me to take these trips to somewhere warm. It's something we ALL need from time to time. 

Looking back...moving to New England was an introduction to many things including “real” accents, lobsters and just how much people actually love Tom Brady....but the one thing you really don't understand is just how bad it can be to have 6+ months of winter...people just aren't built to be indoors all the time. We crave the sun, need it and want it year round and owe it to ourselves to to relax, unplug and unwind several times a year. 

The only solution? Warm weather travel. 

The only solution? Warm weather travel. 

So, about my upcoming Costa Rica trip. Why even go? What's there? Why even go?

First off, Costa Rica is an upcoming country with a lot to be proud of. Having one of the most eco-friendly environments in the world, CR is home to an amazingly unique ecosystem. The lush forests, the untouched beaches, mountains, volcanoes, wild rivers and wildlife...it's truly one of the most underrated countries in the world, but people are just starting to figure this out. 

Costa Rica is quickly becoming 'development central' with people building hotels, houses, retirement homes, hostels and more. So sadly, in a few years Costa Rica may just be overrun with tourists. 


Long story short, now is definitely the time to be thinking about going down south...

Anyways, here are some of the best reasons to take a sunny trip in the middle of the winter. 

  1. • Trips into the warmth help prevent my seasonal depression 
  2. • Incentive to not put on a winter layer knowing you will be in a bathing suit far sooner than the summer… (This year my box ran a Paleo challenge for 5 weeks through February and the start of March and I couldn’t be more grateful)
  3. Vitamin D aids a plethora of issues such as stress, acne, high blood pressure, and also provides a huge boost of antioxidants, your immune system and overall energy levels. 

My Costa Rica trip review...

Long story short, with hundreds of distinct micro-climates (volcanoes, mountains, rivers and more) Costa Rica is the perfect destination any time of year. Although, this time , I took off and headed to the central region and then the mid-Pacific coast just as they are in full swing of their “high” season, where temperatures peak in April, we enjoyed 80-90 degrees and plenty of sun. (Also with scattered thunderstorms because what jungle trip would be complete without them). 

We went to the central region first to see the Arenal Volcano and then to the Pacific coastline to stay near Manuel Antonio. A mountain town known for its stunning natural reserve, warm water and party atmosphere.

Long story short, Manuel Antonio is good for a day or two, unless you're 19 and want to party all the time, but it was full of outdoor activities and late nights (there's much more to do in Costa Rica than just party) but many of the tours included close-up shots of monkeys and plenty of time with the locals.

Anyway, my favorite part of our time there were the pristine beaches,  which are all public and HUGE! Literally all the beaches in Manuel Antonio are public and I can't rave enough about how warm the water was and inviting the sand!

Conclusion: Manuel Antonio is AWESOME, but I can't wait to see what the Caribbean side has to offer. 

Scope out VoyEdge RX's Costa Rica trip HEREAnd email me at: Gina@voyedgeRX.com for any and all questions. 

Hope to see you soon! 

~ Gina

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