Wisdom of the Week- Wrapping Up the Push-Up

Happy Wednesday!! We started out this Wisdom of the Week series detailing the mechanics of the push-up and the importance of proper technique. Then we moved on to scaling options that keep the range of motion and don't sacrifice midline stabilization, including the banded push-up and the knee push-up.

This final video shows two more push-up scales: box and ring push-ups. If it is too difficult to complete the full range of motion and keep your back straight while doing knee push-ups, then give one of these a try! These are both EXCELLENT choices for a push-up scale. They take away just a little bit more of your body weight, allowing for proper completion of the movement.

As always, feel free to shoot us any questions or comments at aimee@voyedgerx.com. Be on the look out for our next Wisdom of the Week series! We are super excited about it...it's going to be AWESOME.

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