10 days until we all arrive in Milan!!! That means it's time to start thinking about packing. For this trip, PACK LIGHT. Seriously. We are on the move from place to place so frequently that you will be glad to have light bags. We will have the opportunity to do laundry!

Weather is looking like high 80's during the day, and 60's or 70's at night, so it'll be a nice, warm 10 days for us! Every person is different, and their packing lists will reflect that, but if you're looking for some guidance, here's a packing list with essentials recommended by the VRX crew:


  • Your preferred combination of 8 tank tops/t-shirts- make sure these are good for warm weather!
  • 5x shorts
  • 1x long sleeve shirt
  • 1x long pants
  • 1x rain jacket (just in case!)
  • Shoes- make sure you have a good pair for walking, hiking, fitness, etc.
  • Undergarments!!! (duh)
  • Toiletries- Target has tons of great travel-sized toiletries, but feel free to buy some when you get there to lighten your load!
  • Phone/camera/electronics chargers
  • Small drawstring bag or light backpack to carry throughout the days
  • PASSPORT!!!!

Get STOKED because soon we will be eating Italian pizza, hiking the Dolomites, and riding mopeds through Tuscany...can't get much better than that! See you soon!

See where else we're going and what we're doing on our trip calendar down below...

Email us with questions, comments, and concerns at: staff@voyedgerx.com group discounts available!