Our First Trip Ever. Iceland.

The Land of Fire, Ice, and Northern lights. Here. We. Go. 

iceland voyedge rx trip

In three days, I'll be boarding a WOW Air flight with my teammates Ashley Studer and Larry Thomas to Reykjavik, Iceland. We're arriving exactly 24 hours before any of our customers and for a very specific reason...there's a lot to get done before our first trip. 

Our very first trip as a company happens this week, and we've put a ton of work into it. And while I can't wait to get to Iceland, I also want to make sure everything goes according to plan for our customers who have give us their trust, their time, and most importantly a piece of their income to provide some incredible services and opportunities for them in Iceland. 

And I can proudly sit here, the week before, knowing that our whole team has given 100% to make some truly badass trips happen. It's not easy building a website, forging custom trips, connecting all the tours, transporation, and accommodations, or even marketing those tours once they're done...it's been over a year since we started this thing, and while I can't believe how much work we've accomplished over the past year, there's still SO MUCH more I'd like to do for VoyEdge RX. 

The problem is time....there's never enough of it. 

That's why we've been keeping our heads down, staying on the grind and working feverishly one step at a time. And it's finally beginning to pay off on the eve of our first tour. 

Gulfoss Waterfalls in the Golden Circle Area of Iceland

Gulfoss Waterfalls in the Golden Circle Area of Iceland

Taking a step back, I'd really like to commend everyone on the team who has pulled together to build this tour company. Collectively, we sought to be the missing piece in the market (there was no true CrossFit + Travel company out there) and we wanted to forge tours for the modern day athlete. The ones who want to travel, stay fit, and come from all different backgrounds and abilities. We don't care what your goals or backgrounds are. We just want to provide active lifestyle vacations for everyone that are infinitely scaleable to you. 

We're not catering to just 'elite' level athletes, nor we are just catering to 'athletes' at all. We want people to be fit, healthy and know that it's a different goal for each and every one of us. So, no matter where you are in your health quest, if you're simply looking to be active, go on streamlined tours, and want to go to incredible places with like-minded people, we hope you'll see the synergistic tours of adventure and athletics we've crafted for you. 

And with that said, Iceland is really the perfect first trip, considering our CrossFit backgrounds and thirst for adventure as a company. With a mix of getting outside the box, seeing waterfalls, black sand beaches, mountains, glaciers, and all kinds of weather, I really really can't wait for people to see this majestic country. Over the past few years, it's really taken off as a tourist destination, and rightly so. It's truly a wild frontier and with more horses than people, I'm hoping all of our customers fall in love with Iceland, and see the power and purpose we're looking to provide with VoyEdge RX. 

iceland aurora borealis

And lastly, as a Co-Founder and Business Director of VoyEdge, I really want to hammer home the 'Why' for our company...

We believe everyone should travel and see new places, explore new environments and say yes to things even when their initial reaction is to say no. Life is about discovery, it's about finding out what you're capable of, listening to others, growing and expanding as a person and creating memories that will last a life time. Experiences should be accomplished and celebrated appropriately, no matter where on the scale those achievements may be. 

That's why we've forged these epic, affordable tours for everyone to sign up for. All you have to do is place a $300 deposit down and pay small, monthly payments for each tour. Because we think people should be able to 'afford' to travel and see amazing things with other people. 

It's not hard, it's not science, it's just the way life should be. Active, engaging and memorable. 

Hope to see you on a future tour. And I'll see you in Iceland in just a couple days...

P.S. Don't forget your rain jackets...looks like it's gonna be 50-60 F the entire time! 

Much love, 

~ Cam King ----> cam@voyedgeRX.com

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