#WODoftheWEEK 7.10.2017 "Jonesworthy"

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Our pick this week is a workout called 'Jonesworthy'. Born from the brilliantly sadistic mind of Mark Twight, owner of Gym Jones, based in Salt Lake City, UT.

This workout is sure to light up your grip and your hips. A true, "grip it and rip it," workout, the weight is really light enough for most folks to hang on long after it becomes uncomfortable. (Which happens very quickly) Twight is the man behind the mighty 300 and the now infamous 300 Workout which inspired many to attempt his brutally Spartan programming. Take a crack this week at this windsucker, and take pride in anything sub 20.

Nolan's time: 18:53 RX. 

View the Gym Jones website here. 



#WODoftheWEEK "Jonesworthy"

Each round consists of one set of Squats, swings and pull-ups. The first round looks like 80 Squats 40 swings and 20 pull ups

It's a grueling workout, and much of what Gym Jones has been doing over the years has been taken as gospel by tactical military guys, endurance hikers, runners, power lifting athletes and just about everyone looking for truly elite fitness programming. 

Their methods are unorthodox and differ from typical CrossFit WOD's in several ways, but their focus on intensity is world class. So much so that Hollywood Celebrities have gone to Gym Jones just to train with him and build a world class physique for filming....see the complete list of Hollywood 'Heroes' who have gone to see Mark Twight to build their bodies for filming. 

Check out Gym Jones and follow their programming for a while. There's one thing for sure, you're going to see some serious results if you stick to it. 

gym jones

Earned, not given. 

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