#WOD of the WEEK 7.17.2017 "100%"

Blink and you'll miss it. Do it right and you'll be on the floor the rest of night. This week's WOD of choice is ... 100%.

Debuting last summer on the tennis stadium floor of the 2016 Games, 100% is brutally simple.


40x Box Jump Overs 30''/24''

20x D-Ball Cleans 150#/100#

... that's it. That's all it has to be. Prepare for a gut check.

The real crux here is the equipment. Boxes are a plenty in gyms around the world. D-Balls? That's the unicorn. And even if you do have some, chances are they are not 150#. Its okay, its not your fault ... its not your fault (sorry, watched Good Will Hunting this weekend). The point is, the weight doesn't really matter. Its the intensity that counts. So grab the heaviest odd object you can find. Sandbag, med ball, d-ball ... a rock ... and prepare to just detonate.

Time to shoot for, anything under 2:30.

Here's a little motivation ... yeah, get FUCKING FIRED UP! 

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