7 Photos To Get You Excited About Visiting Italy!

Italy is the number one destination on many people’s lists, so here are a few reasons it should be at the top of yours if it isn’t already!

1. The Food

Nothing is more exciting than biting into a fresh Caprese sandwich on the island of which it was named after! Check out Salumeria da Aldo right in Marina de piccolo for one of the best tasting ones on Capri!

2. Positano

Taking a dip in the Mediterranean sea with the classic backdrop of Positanos famous pastel buildings.

3. Blue Grotto

It’s not every day you get to experience this natural wonder! Sunlight hits the deep blue water from below creating an amazing effect inside the grotto.


4. Capri

Once the playground of Roman emperors, the island of Capri is home to amazing views.

5. Ruins

Every city you visit in Italy is teaming with centuries-old ruins around every corner! The ruins of Pompeii is a fascinating world heritage site that is well worth a visit!

6. Rome

You can’t go wrong visiting the capital of Italy with its incredible history and classic sights.

7. Vatican

Plus, you’ll get a chance to visit the world’s smallest country - Vatican City!

8. And did we mention the food?!

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See you out there!