#WODoftheWEEK 8.7.2017 "The Seven"

It was my second time ever doing, "The Seven" and it didn't get any easier this time around...even in Italy

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BACKGROUND: A suicide bomber killed seven CIA officers and one Jordanian officer at a remote base in southeastern Afghanistan on December 30, 2009 after posing as a potential informant reporting on Al Qaeda. Seven new stars will be etched onto the memorial wall at the CIA where every star represents grieving friends, family and colleagues dedicated to fight against the enemy, forever in their name.

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There is a scene in the movie, 'Zero Dark Thirty' that depicts this one incident, while on the hunt for Bin Laden. It's a very emotional scene that conveys the absolute devastation of this very attack. 

Killed in the attack were CIA officers Jennifer Lynne Matthews, 45; Scott Michael Roberson, 39; Harold E. Brown Jr., 37; Darren LaBonte, 35; Elizabeth Hanson, 30; and security contractors Jeremy Jason Wise, 35, and Dane Clark Paresi, 46.

"The Seven" is a CrossFit WOD dedicated to these people who gave the ultimate sacrifice. 

"The Seven" 

  • Seven rounds for time of:

  • 7 Handstand push-ups

  • 135-pound Thruster, 7 reps

  • 7 Knees to elbows

  • 245-pound Deadlift, 7 reps

  • 7 Burpees

  • 7 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood

  • 7 Pull-ups


The first time I did this workout, it ended up immediately on the #WODoftheWEEK page. I knew I was going to 'love' it, but it's so much more than that. These Hero WOD's to me capture my attention, fully. Not because they are 'good workouts,' but because they stand for so much more than just getting a good sweat on. To me, this workout hit right home, because I could envision that one scene in 'Zero Dark Thirty' and knew what this workout stood for....

the seven crossfit workout

That being said, since the workout was dedicated to Americans, I was kind of wondering why we were doing this workout in Milan, Italy....at CrossFit M1. We had dropped in with 14 of our customers at 8 am for a good workout before heading to Lake Como, Italy and the coach 'suggested' we do 'The Seven.' 

'Bold move,' I thought. But I liked it. 

And since I've already blogged about "The Seven" two months ago now....I figured I'd just do a recap. I was struggling, still having some jet lag, and really pushed it about 80% through the whole WOD, getting time capped by two minutes. Not my best, or fastest workout, but the 32 minutes were brutal, and I loved every second of it. Big shout out to CrossFit M1 for allowing us to drop in and make an early morning class for us, and I'll be sure to do this one again in the future! 

Amazing work by the group, by tackling this very hard workout at the beginning of the trip! 

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