#WORKOUToftheWEEK 7.6.2018

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Workout of the Week

Submitted by: Coach Lance Brown of CrossFit 207

In Teams of 2:

12,000m Row for time switch every 500m

50 double unders before returning back to rower

This is devastating. We'll get to it in a second, but first off: thanks for the submission from 207 Athletics in Sanford, Maine. Go check them out if you are in Southern Maine and are in need of an awesome facility with a really welcoming community and great coaching! Plus! They went to regionals this year, so these guys know what they are doing up there (and ladies!). 

Now, let's get to this workout.....rowing 12,000 meters is a lot. I don't even like rowing 1,000 meters, let alone 2,000 or even 5,0000....and adding in 50 double unders after every 500 meters sounds like a great way to ensure you won't be able to walk the next day, BUT, alas....you must eat the elephant one bite at a time. Pace the row, breathe during the double unders and take it one round at a time. Don't even think about the volume of work that's here above, even though it's rowing 6,000 meters and 600 double unders....you can do it. 

Here is a good video on mastering double unders:

Scaling this workout: Obviously, the volume IS A LOT, so if you find yourself fretting about this, maybe only do 3,000 meters on the rower ( 5,000) and drop the double unders to a measely 25 or 30 per round. There is no sense in ruining or risking an Achilles tear just to do 40-minutes of this brutal workout above. Or, do 50 single unders. 

That said, this is a great conditioning workout, so feel free to tackle it with a good buddy of yours and don't forget to hydrate properly. Again, great workout from CF 207 in Sanford, Maine. 


Here is their contact info down below. 

CrossFit 207
Phone: (207)651-8529
Email: crossfit207@gmail.com
10 Renaissance Way, Unit 2
Sanford, ME 04073

Follow them on IG @crossfit207

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