#WODoftheWeek - "Clean Slate"

Hi fitness and travel enthusiasts! Aimee here to present the #WODoftheWeek. This week I'm giving you a Ben Bergeron and CrossFit New England original called "Clean Slate."

5 Rounds For Time:
9 power cleans (135/95)
15 push-ups
21 air squats
200m run

As most people at my box know, I do the 6am class daily, but I come back after work to do whatever WOD Ben Bergeron has cooked up for his CrossFit New England athletes. I liked the look of this one right away- moderate barbell weight paired with bodyweight movements is a good workout for me!

The first round felt great, but the leg burn started to set in during the power cleans in round 2, and didn't go away until about 5 minutes after I finished the WOD! Even with that leg burn, though, my least favorite part was of course the push-ups (push-ups are SO good for you, but that doesn't mean I have to like doing them!).

For this workout: scale appropriately! If you cannot complete all 9 power cleans unbroken for all 5 rounds, then you need to lower the weight, or you're missing the desired stimulus. Remember to scale the push-ups as needed as well using any of the scales from our Wisdom of the Week push-up series! Keep a good quicky pace through the air squats and the run and you'll be good to go.

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