#WODoftheWeek 1.23.2017

Last summer, Marc and I did a drop-in at Peak 360 CrossFit in Miami, FL. The morning after our wedding, we got in our rental car and drove 2 hours from Sanibel Island to Miami to spend the night there before flying out of Miami to Saint Lucia. Peak 360 is Noah Ohlsen's box, so we knew we had to make a drop in happen.

We arrived at Peak 360 for an afternoon class, and it was SWELTERING in that June Miami heat. The garage doors were wide open and there were literally over 30 people in class that day. Alison Scudds was our coach, and she did a phenomenal job controlling the crowd.

Anyways, we signed our waivers and saw the WOD posted on the computer screen...

Deadlifts (225/155)
Bar over burpees
Handstand push-ups

I always get nervous when dropping in somewhere new, so I was psyched to see this workout. All of these movements are right in my wheelhouse! I knew I would be able to go almost entirely unbroken, so the key for me would be to pace on the first couple rounds, especially with the Florida humidity playing a factor.

3-2-1 GO! The huge class started the WOD, and I was shocked at how fast some people went out. It's always tempting to stay with the pack, but I got in my zone and stuck to my game plan. It worked out in my favor because I finished far before anyone else! To be perfectly honest, though, that didn't matter to me.

This was one of my favorite workouts I've ever done, and not because it's something I'm good at. This WOD was tough in more ways than one. It was hot, my shoulders were fatigued going from burpees to handstand push-ups, I was out of breath from the burpees, and the deadlifts were just annoying!! But I kept pushing through, and it was FUN! I'm addicted to the pain and the feeling I get when I know I gave it my all. I loved it because we were in a new place, suffering with all of these strangers who want the same thing as us: a good workout. And that's exactly what we got!

Grab a buddy, give this WOD a try, and do me a favor? Don't look at the clock. Dig deep, do your very best, and have some fun with your fitness friends!!!

Peak 360's motto painted on one of the walls

Peak 360's motto painted on one of the walls

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