#WODoftheWEEK 8.21.2017 Max Snatch + Clean and Jerk

max out with two olympic movements? here we go...

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It seems like just yesterday I was waking up in my hotel room, getting ready for the day in Iceland when I was perusing through the workout of the day (WOD) going on at CrossFit Reykjavik. 

With the previous day being a 40 minute chipper, I wasn't sure my legs had it in my to go for another 'toe-to-toe' WOD, but still was ready to get a little spicy and figured I'd feel better if I mentally prepped for another grueling class during our stay in Iceland. 

To my surprise, there was no WOD, but rather, two max out sessions of both the snatch, and the clean & jerk movement. And being a 6'4" guy, I wasn't super thrilled, but thought it was an interesting take on the programming. Why go back to back with two intense chippers, when there are so many other movements to continue progressing with? 

Which of course, brings us to the #WODoftheWEEK (but really, it's just a max out Oly class). 

Ryan killing it at CrossFit Reykjavik

Ryan killing it at CrossFit Reykjavik

If you've ever been to Iceland, are a CrossFitter, CrossFit Reykjavik needs to be on your list of places to go. Other than it being the box where Annie Thorisdottir trains, CF Reykjavik has an awesome staff, super friendly people, and a very VERY cool vibe. I cannot recommend it enough. We had a great time there, and the athletes, and coaching staff are all top-notch and super keen on being the utmost professionals they can possibly be. 

Not to mention, some of the best warm-ups I've ever done in my life have been at CrossFit Reykjavik, and I think their approach to warming up each muscle group is paramount to the overall success of every one of their athletes and shows a huge amount of dedication to their progression at their box. 

That being said, let's talk snatch. 

The snatch is one of my favorite movements. Not because I'm tall, but it really pairs a lot of different movements together in one fluid, and amazing movement. Watch the demo video above, and really work on those squats, getting a full extension on the pull, as well as getting under the bar. Which can be really intimidating, if you're new to CrossFit or are just beginning olympic lifting. 

SIDENOTE: A lot of people on the VoyEdge RX tour were hitting PR's because the weight was in KILO's, and not pounds....a little mental strategy never hurt no one, right? 

Ring that bell, Coach Larry! 

Ring that bell, Coach Larry! 

So, the snatch was presented to us as having 20-25 minutes to set a PR (which many of us did) before taking a few minutes and moving onto our second olympic movement of the day, the clean & jerk. 

With our warming up done, and a bunch of weight having been moved around with everyone snatching like a boss, we moved onto the next movement....

Let's talk clean & jerk

clean & jerk movement kristen st germain crossfit reyakjavik

The clean & jerk is an equally difficult movement, where from the ground, you're pulling up, extending your hips and catching the bar upon your shoulders in the front rack position and then taking a moment to catch your breath, before thrusting it overhead in either a split jerk or power stance. 

For more on how the clean & jerk is performed, watch the demo video below. 

There was a ton of people hitting some PR's at CrossFit Reykjavik, and again, I think it was the difference of not being able to tell pounds from kilos.....#dothemathafter, but long story short, the WOD's were tough, and doing TWO OLYMPIC movements in the same day were taxing, to say the least. 

And again, HUGE SHOUTOUT to Hronn, and her entire team from CrossFit Reykjavik for showing our coaches, staff, and people an AMAZING time. 

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P.S. Don't forget to hit the 'heart' button and comment below with your max snatch and PR's on the clean & jerk. Also, find your next trip to Iceland with VoyEdge RX by clicking the 'Trip Calendar' down below. See you guys on our next Iceland Winter tour? 

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