Sloths, Surf and Sun: Get to Know Puerto Viejo

What's the purpose of a vacation? To relax. Soothe your body, and your mind. And Puerto Viejo is the perfect place for both. 

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Take a moment and relax. Before learning anything else about Puerto Viejo you just need to slow down a little. Here, time is dictated not by the clock but the swell and tide. A sleepy town on the southeast Caribbean coast, the 'Old Harbor' has evolved over the years. Beyond world class surf, Puerto (or Puerto Viejo Talamanca) offers an experience only found in this corner of the Caribbean.

Reggeton is the local soundtrack. For a more authentic experience get out into the rainforest that surrounds the city. Howler monkeys serenade from on high in the lush canopy. Listen close. The low rumble of a Jaguar will shatter any thought you're somewhere on the beaten path. Puerto Viejo offers up the very best Costa Rica has to offer. A short ride from San Jose and you are in another world entirely. Not one of hours and days, but of forest and waves.

Where to Stay

There are plenty of options when comes to resting your head at night. Including, two palms and a hammock. Built almost entirely from bamboo, the Tree House Lodge offers a luxury experience. Cobbled paths connect its network of huts, allowing visitors to truly escape. If room sharing and decor aren't a concern then the Cabinas Coconut Grove hostel may be for you. For us, The Cashew Hill Lodge is just right. Steps away from town and even fewer steps from the beach. Cashew Hill is dotted with an eclectic collection of jungle cottages. These private bungalows provide the perfect getaway above it all after a day filled with surf, sloths and sun.

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Where to Play

Costa Rica is a verdant paradise, a haven for both relaxation and adventure. Puerto Viejo is a destination surf spot. Offering up two local beaches with legendary waves. Salsa Brava and Playa Cocles sit just minutes from each other and offer the best of Tico surf. These are some legit waves, drawing worldwide talent each year for peak season. Looking to learn? No worries! Of course such a laid back place has the perfect laid back beach. Steps away is Playa Negra, hosting the 2-3 footers perfect to first hang ten. Looking inland for a rush? Be sure to take advantage of the whitewater rafting offered through Puerto Viejo's local rainforests. Need to take a step back and relax a litter? Well, you are in Costa Rica. A yoga capital. One class at Cashew Hill will have you saying Ohm My god just from the view alone.

Highlights del Puerto Viejo Open Pro - Enero 2012 Video: Wipeout Films.

What to Eat

Look, you're in Costa Rica, where bad coffee is actually illegal. While you're here do yourself a favor and start your morning with a cup of joe ... it might just be the best of your life. For lunch keep an eye out, or rather your nose for the wonderful smell of Jamaican jerk. Again this is Costa Rica, this is where Jamaicans dream about living. This is the paradise for people who ALREADY LIVE in paradise. You need to get a hold of this spicy chicken, coupled with a cold beer and just sit back. Relax. This is the Caribbean, slow down, savor it. For a night on the town, experience local favorite, Lazy Mon. Live music, dancing and one hell of a night ... memories aren't on the menu but they are sure things with every visit.

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Puerto Viejo is a true gem off the beaten path. It keeps a low profile, which is exactly how they like it. Low key and relaxed. Those in the know or call this place home know they're onto something good here. Life moves at a sloth's pace but is rich with a vibrancy of experience that can only be compared to the rainforest itself. So step away from the world and dive head first into this emerald city. Life is best experienced with friends, come with us and see for yourself! Join us on our next adventure to Puerto Viejo!

I'll hope to see you on a future adventure. Email me with any questions, comments, and concerns at: