Wisdom of the Week- Lat Mobility

Is there someone at your box who always struggles with the front rack position? Do they complain that it bothers their wrists, and that their wrists and elbows aren't flexible enough to hold the position well? We've got news for you! It has NOTHING to do with your wrists or your elbows, and EVERYTHING to do with your latissimus dorsi.

Pictured on the right, the lats are the large, wing-like muscles on the middle-lower back. Strong lats will help movements such as pull-ups, toes to bar, and muscle-ups, but mobile lats will allow for a strong front rack position for movements like front squats and thrusters.

Keep up with our videos to find out ways to keep your lats mobile, and check out the Rome & Amalfi Coast itinerary below! Spots are filling up fast!