#WODoftheWEEK 2.20.2017 "CompTrain"

This week's #WODoftheWEEK comes to us from Ben Bergeron (FYI we're just reposting one of his usual CompTrain WOD's from his email blast) because we totally dig this one. For those of you who don't know Ben Bergeron, he runs the world-renowned CrossFit New England (in Natick, MA) where many of the CrossFit Games Athletes train. 

If you want longer bio of Ben and CrossFit New England see here

Now, let's jump to it. The CrossFit Open is coming up this Friday and with the anxiety of not knowing what WOD's to expect, the one thing you can certainly count in is needing the conditioning training to get through whatever the announced WOD's will be. 

So, with that said, we wanted to re-share one of Ben's "CompTrain" - or 'Competitor's Training' workouts to help get you ready and prepped for those lung-burning workouts headed your way. 


  • 75 calories on the Assault Bike

  • 200 Double Unders

  • 2000 meter row

  • 200 double unders

  • 75 calories on the Assault Bike 

The assault bike sucks. Everyone knows that. 

The assault bike sucks. Everyone knows that. 

Let's jump into strategy here...75 calories on the bike is no easy feat, nor is 200 double unders..the best piece of advice here would be to use the row as an active rest and gun for a 7-7:30 pace on this. Use a steady burn for the assault bike and try to do the double unders in two sets of 100, or four sets of 50. Whatever you're able to muster at the end. 

The best part about this workout is the lack of barbell, so use this as a positioning for your conditioning training and remember a steady pace is always a better bet than going in hard and coming out crawling. 

And if you need some practice with double-unders, use this video down below as a step by step way to get those pesky movements down. Scaling option for this WOD is a 2-1, so 400 single unders instead of 200 double unders. 

Post your time to comments and subscribe to Ben Bergeron's Competitors Training programming here. 

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