Travel WOD 2.17.2017 "Walk This Way"

Coach Larry is back with another travel WOD this week. At home? On a beach? Stuck at school, or your ski chalet for the weekend? Well, we've got an advanced travel WOD for people this week (hope you like gymnastics). We'll attach some videos down below. 

Let's break it down.

"Walk this way" 

8 Rounds (rest 30 seconds in between rounds)

  • 20m Handstand walks

  • 100m Sprint (20m split) 

Skill work is just as important as muscle mass. Too often, athletes can get focused on muscle growth, when so many of the nuances of CrossFit are gymnastics based. Reading between the lines often means taking the time to dedicate your progression to a lot of the less 'sexy' CrossFit movements. Whether it's your kip swing, air squat or ankle mobility, the devil is in the details.

Focus on the small steps before taking those large leaps. 

Anyway...let's discuss handstand walks. If you're not there, find a wall to do a handstand hold for 30 seconds. Then run the 100 meters (or about 10 seconds) in a full out sprint. 

Post your times down below, and watch this Dog Town CrossFit video on handstand walks. 

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