The Buzz Around Costa Rica

Along with bananas, coffee might just be the most famous Costa Rican export.

costa rica volcano

In the conversation of coffee, Costa Rica is king. Of any country in the world, it is fair to argue this volcanic paradise takes coffee the most serious. Bad coffee is against the law. For real. It is illegal to produce poor coffee in Costa Rica. To this day, they are the only nation to hold this distinction. Executive order N°19302-MAG, passed December 4, 1989. Since then, anything but high quality, arabica bean, coffee was outlawed. And you thought you loved coffee.

Costa Ricans are bananas over good coffee and it makes perfect sense. Besides actual bananas, coffee is their top export. The bold brew is a landmark of national pride poured into mugs around the world. Costa Rican coffees hold hints of brown sugar, citrus and sometimes fruity notes. They are celebrated for their intense profiles. Which all sounds very fancy. Like a fine wine, full bodied and 'oaky.' Ah yes, a hint of sarcasm. My review for the dawn patrol in need of a kick ass cup ... Costa Rican coffee is damn good.

So, what makes this coffee so 'damn good?' Here are three big reasons behind the magic.

They're All High

These beans are all out of their minds high. Like, at least nearly a mile high. Growing on lush volcanic slopes, the growth here has the luxury of altitude. Yes, altitude, what did you think we meant? This altitude combines with mild temperatures and timely rain. The resulting environment makes for the best growing climate in the world.

Dirty Dirt

Costa Rica not only has a lot of dirt, it has fantastic dirt. Real dirty dirt. Most of the soil in country has a layer of volcanic ash. This geological twist enriches the soil and brings out the acidity in the final cup. There is also a lot of organic "stuff" in the dirt which allows for the coffee plant root system to thrive.

Love + Affection

Costa Ricans have a fever and the only prescription is more coffee. Per person they are the highest consumers of coffee. Higher than ANY other coffee producing country. Costa Rica LOVES coffee and it is a tender love that starts in the field. Costa Rican coffeemakers know its best not to rush things. To nurture this they harvest by hand, ensuring only the matured, ripened beans are plucked.