Ways To Eliminate Vacation Stress

Reclaim Your Life During Your Time Off


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Written by: Henry Moore of FitWellTraveler.com

In a society rife with overtime and overrun schedules, vacations have become somewhat of an afterthought. Productivity is a great way to get tasks done, but too much can throw our minds and bodies out of whack, causing strain in our everyday work and home lives.

The truth of the matter is that too few of us are actually taking advantage of vacation time. Furthermore, even during that time off, many of us are still plugged into work, emails and social media. Like anything in life, a stressful vacation can be bad for our health. So why exactly do so many of us experience strain when we should be kicking back? We will take a look at some of the causes of vacation stress and ways you can prevent and alleviate such symptoms.

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Causes of Vacation Stress

Studies show that the United States is the most overworked nation in the world, with over 70% of households including adults who are employed. While nothing is intrinsically wrong with making ends meet, many Americans are taking their work on vacation, adding to unnecessary strain.

The need for connection is a human one, which benefits us all. However, nothing can quite beatin-person human interaction, as it can improve our overall health and encourage us to better cope with anxiety. In fact, face-to-face conversation is something humans thrive on, encouraging deeper connections than other forms of communication.

Because our society is constantly so plugged in, guilt typically sets in when we aren’t being productive. This leads us to always feel the need to get things done when we could be enjoying ourselves. While an itinerary can be fun, strictly following a to-do list may quickly prompt stress because there is more of focus on that instead of living in the moment.

Alleviating Vacation Anxiety

Stress is inevitable. Though some stress is actually good for you, according to UC Berkeley’s Daniela Kaufer, Ph.D.,  the key is to eliminate the bad forms, which can cause physical illnesses. It’s also the way we handle the stress that determines whether or not we will enjoy our vacation.

There are several ways to manage vacation stress that can be both invigorating and therapeutic. Going for a walk, dancing to music, relaxing at a spa, or even sipping red wine during a delicious gourmet meal are already enjoyable everyday vacation-related activities one can do to reduce stress symptoms.

Though flight of fancy may take hold, be practical and wise before heading to your destination as well. Secure your home and make sure everything is in order before you leave. Make sure that your home looks occupied while you are away to deter break- ins. Here are some tips to ensure you have peace of mind before and during your vacation.

Get Good At Vacationing  

There are vacationers who long to get away from it all the minute they step off the plane, with no other plans other than to relax and be catered to. Then there are those who want to immerse themselves into something vastly different than their own life, filled with adventure.

The latter individuals typically love to explore and are eager to see where the day goes, while the former might get stressed out at the thought of having their day ruined by any kind of disturbance. Though everyone has their own idea of what qualifies as an ideal break, the type of vacationer you are is highly dependent on whether or not you will enjoy your time off.

Whatever vacation you choose, consider implementing flexibility because the day may not always turn out as planned. Additional attributes of a good vacationer include one who is also open-minded, resourceful, self-confident and adaptable.

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Quell vacation stress by finding what lights you up. While stress happens, it’s how you handle pressure that will impact your overall outlook while away. Time off is a fun way to get to know yourself and others around you. Take advantage and cherish these moments, and you’ll discover just how untroubled vacations be.

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