Announcing our 2018 Oktoberfest Trip: Pest to Fest!

Why this trip: Pest to Fest Edition!

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

By: VoyEdge RX Founder - Tony Beringer


If you have not noticed by now, we have a theme here at VoyEdge HQ when it comes to planning a new and exciting trip. We want to get you to those cities that were perhaps never on your radar, and give you an opportunity to see these places that you might be more comfortable seeing with a group of your new best friends, for a week at least.

This brings us to the amazing central European city of Budapest. What used to be the two cities of Buda and Pest (along with Obuda which doesn’t get much love anymore) located on either side of the Danube River, came together in 1873 to create this vibrant and historical utopia. Settled around 1 AD by the Celts there has been plenty of time for this city to find its place in the world and based on the five-ish times we have been there, it has done that and more. The thermal baths are a hot tub (get it?) full of culture and visitors from all over the world who come to bathe in their medicinal like powers.

Imagine being able to workout and then hop into a thermal bath, well here is your chance!

Budapest is seriously gorgeous. 

Budapest is seriously gorgeous. 

If your eye is one that catches buildings and architecture, don’t worry, Budapest has pretty much every style you can think of and shows how diverse the city is. Ancient, gothic, renaissance, Ottoman, baroque, classical, and final art nouveau all has their fads since the city was founded and gives a very obvious timeline of the city’s history.

We picked this as the starting point for this trip because we feel that the city hits you right in the lungs (think Fran) when you see it and there is no easing into it. We want to get you to Europe and Europe is what you are going to get!

And the selling point, should again, be the thermal baths which you can partake in....


Vienna (Wien) is the next stop on this journey and the number of palaces in this city should be a crime. I guess that is what happens when your family has the word ‘dynasty’ attached to the end of it.  They obviously did a wonderful job in creating this jewel because the city consistently ranks in the top two (number one the last three years) of the world’s most livable cities. While you are living here, for two nights, you will get to take in the sights but more importantly the sounds of Vienna.

Home to the famous opera house and a number of the greatest classical musicians ever, there will always be a corner where you can find a new appreciation for the music. Not to mention, the city is HUGE and full of castles, churches, palisades, shopping districts and some of the best food you can have in Europe. 


Go here. Enough said. No, but really, we'll take a day long stop here en route from Vienna to Salzburg, and the serene village, surrounded by mountains will make this charming place your all-time favorite location. 

Literally only home to a few thousand people, it's been widely regarded as one of Austria's hardest to reach, but most rewarding places to visit. We'll head here for a nice break from the big city of Vienna, before heading off for the night to Salzburg. 

Trust us, it's going to amazing. 

Hallstatt, Austria - the third stop on this epic, Oktoberfest tour

Hallstatt, Austria - the third stop on this epic, Oktoberfest tour

Salzburg, home to Mozart and ‘The Sound of Music’, was built on the back of the salt mining industry when salt was carried through the city along the Salzach River. With the small town feel and surrounded by mountains you will definitely feel alive. Just to the south of Salzburg you will find Berchtesgaden National Park and Konigsee. The hiking we will embark upon here is something you have only thought was a movie set but it really does exist.

For you history buffs, this is the location of the ‘Eagle’s Nest’ which was Hitler’s mountain retreat and today is being put to much better use as a restaurant and beer garden. We will hike up the Berchtesgaden National Park to the Eagle's Nest, and it will surely be one of the most incredible places you'll go on this tour. 

The Berchtesgaden National Park in Austria

The Berchtesgaden National Park in Austria

After our short time in Salzburg, hiking, eating, drinking and working out, we'll take you to one of the best places in the world....


We have finally made it, to the home of beer, pretzels and the biggest party in the world. OKTOBERFEST in Munich, Germany is an experience unlike any other. Before we get to the fun stuff, here is some other fun stuff. Munich is a very modern city due to the extensive bombing it endured during WWII. They rebuilt the city perfectly with a mixture of old and new to keep you on your toes. The people work hard but they also play hard as noted by the bustling economy and the rowdy kellers(restaurants/beer halls) that dot the town.

Oktoberfest has been an annual celebration ever since the wedding of King Ludwig I and Princess Therese in 1810, save for a few years here and there. I am sure they would be really proud to see what their wedding reception has turned into. 11 tents that hold at least 6,000 people each, carnival rides, all the wurst and pretzels one could want, and so many potential new friends that you will share a liter with. Seeing as we are seasoned Oktoberfest veterans, we strive to get everyone to experience this celebration and let go of all your cares and worries in the world. It’s all about the smiles and beer here in whatever tent you choose but you will find us in Hacker-Festzelt!

Why did we make this trip? Why wouldn’t we make this trip. We want to get you the best experiences for your money and this trip has it all. From history, to adventure, to hiking, to out of the way places, to most fun parties you can imagine.

Get out there and make new memories! Also, did we mention Munich is at its most luxurious and culturally significant point during Oktoberfest? Over hundreds of thousands of people flock to Munich, Germany for this annual gathering, and it is NOT to be missed. It's 110% a bucket-list item and I really hope you'll take a look at our upcoming itinerary...


And if you read through this entire thing...shoot me an email and I'd be happy to hook you up with a promo code. --->

The party in Munich is wild. 

The party in Munich is wild. 

See you there? 

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~ Tony Beringer

See you in Budapest! (English)

Latlak Budapesten! (Hungarian)

Wir sehen uns in Budapest! (German)

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