What To Pack for Budapest to Oktoberfest

You can’t be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline. It helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer.
— Frank Zappa

Hallstatt, Austria in the late fall

Well, well, well….here we are. At the start of our upcoming Budapest to Oktoberfest trip (the first one!) with VoyEdge RX. I know for a fact a lot of hard work went into this one, and at some point, I hope we have enough demand to make it an annual tour, but for now, let’s focus on this first trip, make some revisions and then it will probably go up for 2021 next time.

Those of you going on the tour for the very first time - be stoked! You’re part of history, and with each new tour we launch, create, and craft behind closed doors, please understand that you - our customers, help make each and every tour better for each other over time.

Now, you’re probably wondering, “What should I pack for this trip?” And like all things…it depends. Let’s get down to brass tax, shall we?

Budapest, Hungary

The Weather

The Oktoberfest tour takes us through Budapest, Vienna, Hallstatt, Salzburg, Munich and beyond. And know that central Europe in the fall can be quite cool, knowing what to expect should be your first priority. Let’s take a look at the highs and lows of each place before we get to our packing list.


Keeping in mind that weather in Central Europe can literally be tumultuous, it is best to have some clothes for both extremes. Either too hot, or too cold. Like many places around the world during mid-Fall, the mornings and evenings can be quite cool, while the middays can be a bit on the hot side.

Either way, be prepared for anything, and that could include lots of rain. I only speak from experience at Oktoberfest one year, where it literally downpoured the entire time. And I’m talking about HARD rain. Phew…..probably won’t happen to you, folks, though. :)

Munich and Central Europe is beautiful, to say the least, and honestly, the fall IS the best time to go. With the downtrend of tourism happening at the end of August, September really is primetime for the best weather, and the ability to see the most of Europe without the crowds.


The Englisch Garden in Munich, Germany

What To Pack

Like majority of the blogs I write on what to pack for our trips (I try my best, truly), there are always bound to miss a few things, but the centralized theme remains the same. Always, always, pack less than what you think you need. Here are some of the main points I try and emphasize for any trip I take.

  1. Pack less than what you think you need

  2. Pack one small suitcase and one day bag

  3. Water bottles, outlets, adapters are a must

  4. Pack only as many outfits as half the number of days you’ll be gone (ex. 10-days = 5 outfits) so you can mix and match

  5. Always print a copy of your passport and leave it in your luggage

  6. Yes, you will be able to do laundry at some point. Somewhere (keep your eyes out)

  7. Bring a small bag for dirty laundry so it doesn’t get mixed in with your clean clothes

  8. Leave space in your luggage for additional items, souvenirs etc. (I mean, how are you gonna get that traditional lederhosen home, anyway?)

Pro tip: place all of your items on your bed before placing them in your suitcase

Anyways, if you follow most of the above rules when it comes to taking a trip, you’ll be in good shape! Just remember to always ask yourself before you go - ‘Will the country I’m going to have the items I’d need in a pinch?’ - and if that answer is yes, then you can assuredly pack less than you currently are thinking of. Remember, you can always purchase something if you need it! Especially in Europe….

Now, the packing lists for both male and female. I really try to do my best with these, so take it with a grain of salt and obviously add/remove items as you see fit!


  • Suitcase - as you deem necessary

  • One day pack for being out on the town

  • Purse

  • 7-8 pairs of socks

  • as many undergarments as you deem necessary

  • 4 pairs of jeans

  • 1-2 pairs of non-WOD shorts

  • 2-3 workout shorts / or leggings

  • 1 pair of workout shoes/running shoes

  • 1-2 pairs of walking around town shoes or boots (no heels)

  • 6-7 t-shirts or blouses combo

  • 1 shawl or cardigan

  • 2-3 button up shirts

  • 1-2 going out shirts

  • Nalgene Bottle

  • European Adapter Here

  • As many headbands as you deem necessary

  • sses

  • Room for souvenirs/lederhosen

  • Snacks for the plane ride, duh

  • 1-2 books

  • Laptop or adapters/chargers

  • Light jacket or 1-2 sweatshirts

  • Anything additional as you see fit


  • Small suitcase

  • One day pack

  • Copy of your passport

  • 5-6 pairs of socks

  • 5-6 pairs of underwear

  • 3 pairs of jeans

  • 1 pair of khakis

  • 2-3 WOD shorts

  • 1 pair of WOD shoes or sneakers

  • 1 pair of walking around town shoes or boots

  • 5-6 t-shirts

  • 2-3 short sleeve button up shirts

  • 1-2 dress shirts (button-up)

  • Nalgene Bottle

  • European Adapter Here

  • 1 ballcap or headband

  • sunglasses

  • Room for souvenirs/lederhosen

  • Snacks for the plane ride, duh

  • 1-2 books

  • Laptop or adapters/chargers

  • Anything additional as you see fit

  • Light jacket or 1-2 sweatshirts


Streetscape of Vienna, Austria during the late afternoon.


Overall, packing should not be that difficult for a trip like this….I mean, you’re going to Oktoberfest! And whether or not you have your lederhosen or dirindl, yet, is totally fine. There are ample places to purchase them in Munich to which Tony, Sasha & Al will take you to, but as long as you leave a bit of room in there for that, you’ll be good to go.

Don’t overpack (remember - anything you need can be purchased) and leave a bit of room for souvenirs. Europe is full of cobblestones and one the worst things you can do is be forced to lug your heavy suitcases around in-between hotels or to and from the train stations. Don’t overthink it, pack what you need (the essentials), be smart about where you put stuff, and remember: less is more.

Have fun, post lots of pics from Oktoberfest, and we’ll see you out there! Comment below or ask any questions in the comment section at the bottom of this post :)


~ Cam

P.S. Don’t be these people at Oktoberfest….be smart, buddy up, and know your limits!


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