Bucket-list Item: The ClockTower Pub Crawl in Prague, CZ

Walking around Prague is comparable to being in a fairytale: except for one minor detail: it’s real.
— Lust for the World
The Charles Bridge in Prague, CZ

The Charles Bridge in Prague, CZ

In case you missed it....we have an epic Prague to Munich trip. And for some reason, we haven't had many inquiries into it. Possibly, because Prague is STILL pretty unknown and under the radar to a lot of Americas.... to Europeans though, Prague is a hidden gem, where you can live in a fairytale whilst seeing all the epic gothic architecture, and get a beer in dungeon pubs that are over 1,000 years old for 50 cents euro. 

Not bad, Prague, not bad. 

Perhaps the feelings conjured when someone says, 'Eastern Europe,' is still a bit too 'Cold War' for us Americans, perhaps it's that it seems too far (when it's really only Central Europe), but more likely, it's probably because you haven't heard just how crazy of a place Prague really is....

Besides having the oldest Castle in the world, epic architecture with statues, brown and black brick with gold trim, astronomical clocks, and just about the prettiest damn squares in all of Europe, Prague is a wild bar scene. The beer is literally cheaper than water here, and the clubs don't close often until 6 or 8 am. And with Czech people actually outdrinking their German neighbors per capita, you might be in for one of your most wild experiences of your life when visiting Europe's, "Prettiest City." 

Prague Castle - oldest ancient castle in the world. 

Prague Castle - oldest ancient castle in the world. 

Besides the amazing bars, epic castles, and places to see, let's continue with one of my favorite things to do in Prague - and that is the Clocktower Pub Crawl. 

Now, before we get there, my disclaimer is that you should spend AS MUCH time as possible exploring every nook and cranny of this magical city. From the shopping districts, to Wenceslas Square, The Charles Bridge, John Lennon Wall and so much more....you won't get bored, trust me. 

But after that, you need to do the Clocktower Pub Crawl. Here's why: They go to 5 different bars in every in Prague and end up at a club, and they actually do a pretty damn good job. Considering all the tourists that come in and out of the city, getting a bunch of drunk people to go in and out of every bar and onto the next one is a damn tough challenge, but they make it fun and engaging for everyone who wants to participate. 

And while their promo video isn't absolute fire, it gets the point across that it's always a different crew every night, of all different ages, from various countries, who all come together to meet other people, drink famously cheap beer, and rock out at a club in Prague that you'll never be able to find your way back to. 

Watch the promo video here. 

Anyway, don't just take my word for it. No matter your age, no matter your habits, when you venture out to Prague, you should want to treat yourself and immerse yourself in this wonderful place. Prague is innately a double-edged sword and has an underbelly that can be rough, but if you know how to stay out of trouble and keep your wits about you, you will be fine. 

Everywhere is really like that, so as always when you're traveling, use the buddy system. And while Prague is a massively gorgeous city during the day, at night it can seem as somewhat of a Jekyll-Hyde scenario so again, be smart, make good decisions, and stick to the same habits you would back home. 

If you want to read up more about the Clocktower Pub Crawl, go to their site here, or read the TripAdvisor reviews here. 

Plus, the Prague Visitor has a really good video on Beer being cheaper than water and it's worth a watch here. It'll really make you want to go, too. 

That's about it for now! Expect many more Prague blogs to be coming your way in the coming months and years, and if you haven't already, go ahead and check out our Prague to Munich tour here. 

If you want to know more about Prague, shoot me an email here at: cam@voyedgerx.com and I'd love to tell you about our trip or schedule some time to chat with our team! 

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